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In Kenya there are lions. Only in Kenya![notes 1]

Which makes it amazing that humans ever evolved in the first place, as Kenya is the homeland of all humanity.[notes 2]

Modern day[edit]

Kenya has long been one of the better run countries in Africa, but that stability is threatened both by communal violence and spillover from Somalia. Many of the Islamist groups in Somalia receive most of their funding from "Little Mogadishu" in Kenya's capital, Nairobi. The Northern areas of Kenya which border Somalia have also long had a significant ethnic Somali population.[notes 3]. There used to be an understandable sentiment of wishing to be "reunited" with Somalia. Now, not so much.[notes 4]

Kenya's government is always willing to learn from other countries, which is why their birth certificates look remarkably like those from South Australia.[1]

Kenya's also known for their unmatched (okay, maybe by Ethiopia) talent in marathons and middle- and long-distance in track.

Human rights[edit]

See the main article on this topic: LGBT rights

Kenya has a particularly poor record of promoting any type of LGBT rights. For example, gay men face long prison sentences and compulsory anal probing is considered acceptable to establish if a man is gay.[2]

Mau Mau uprising[edit]

This was a pro-independence guerilla war fought against the British, mainly by members of the Kikuyu ethnic group, Kenya's largest.[3] Due to exceptionally brutal anti-insurgency tactics by the British, it has become a flashpoint for debates about whether the British empire was conducted in the best interests of the governed.[4]

Notable Kenyans[edit]


  1. It is not, however, true, that you can see tigers only in Kenya.
  2. Of course the true origins of humanity lie somewhere in Asia Minor at the Garden of Eden, but let the heathen have their delusions.
  3. Colonial borders being lines in the sand drawn with little regard for the people living there and all
  4. understandably