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Inventing "The Other"
Fear And Loathing

The Center for the Study of Political Islam (or simply Political Islam) is an organization founded by Dr. Bill Warner (who's Ph.D. is in Physics and Math — not Politics or Theology). Its research generally uses mathematics to "prove" Islam as evil, though can be heavily misleading in its presentation. Warner claims that President Obama is a Muslim, primarily because he "promotes" Islam.[1]


Political Islam heavily supports the "Eurabia" myth, a far-right claim that Muslims will one day take over Europe. To 'prove' it is Warner's magnum opus, "How many times Muslims invaded Europe vs. Europeans invaded Muslim countries?" The purpose of this video, which shows 1400 years worth of battles across a map of Europe, is to imply that Islam (or at least Islam in the Middle East) is fanatically obsessed with invading Europe and always will be. It further serves to pass away the Crusades and Anglo-French colonial expansion into North Africa as somehow defensive. The main problem any history academic would find with this research is the "for Dummies" level of simplification, missing out completely on instances where Christian European and Muslim nations were allied against other states.


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