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The Touch, Squeeze, and Assault Transportation Security Administration is a shitty display of security theater, which does nothing to make us safer while simultaneously violating everyone who wants to ride a plane (this is why we need high speed rail, people; though that doesn't necessarily mean it's safer[1]). It's known for massively overreacting to everything, having never stopped a terrorist attack. In other words, it's a useless funnel of our money, and yet another example of our wasteful response to 9/11. Liberal[2][3] and conservative[4][5] sources agree that the TSA sucks. It has been noted for being not cost-effective, overspending, and a waste of taxpayer money.[6][7]


An X-ray body scanner

A 2001 paper[6] found that it's questionable that the TSA helps to prevent similar terrorist attacks to 9/11. The TSA director was reassigned in 2015 due to his administration failing to detect fake bombs and weapons in a test by the Department of Homeland Security 95% of the time.[8] The US GAO (Government Accountability Office) actually had to step in to make suggestions that the TSA actually provide accurate and sufficient data on performance.[9]

TSA's SPOT program has been found to be ineffective by GAO[10] and Nature.[11] The SPOT program has been criticized as racial profiling by the ACLU.[12]

Body scanners used by the TSA, the Rapiscan Secure 1000 full-body scanner, are not good at catching contraband or illegal weapons and can easily be bypassed.[13] The TSA has ended their contract with the maker of Rapiscan body scanners in 2013 due to the privacy risk posed by the machines.[14] Another body scanner, the millimeter-wave machine has regular false positives; it can mistake sweat as weaponry.[15] X-ray body scanners might increase cancer risk.[16] These scanners have been banned in European countries.[16] Finally the TSA removed the X-ray body scanners in 2013.[17]

Sexual assault and harassment[edit]

Nun-a-ya business!
See the main article on this topic: Rape

Two TSA screeners were fired for a sexual assault scheme against men in 2015.[18] A former TSA employee stated that sexual assaults against passengers was common.[19] At LaGuardia Airport, 2015, a TSA agent was arrested for sexual assaulting a woman.[20] A female TSA employee's criminal charges over sexual assault at the Denver International Airport were dropped in 2014.[21]

Rapiscan body scanners gave TSA agents low-res naked photos of screened passengers to inspect for weapons.[14] It was normal for TSA officers to share low-res nudes of passengers without consent.[22]

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) had to write a guide for victims of sexual assault regarding the TSA.[23] Angela T. Rye, a journalist filmed her frightening pat down where the TSA agent was very close to grabbing her private parts.[24] Aida Rodriguez, a rape victim has said that the TSA pat down made her feel incredibly uncomfortable.[25] Sarah Beaulieu, a survivor of sexual assault, broke down in tears when faced with the prospect of a TSA screening.[26] Gina Miller has recounted her sexual assault by a TSA agent.[27]

In 2010, a new pat-down method included breast and buttocks groping, and examining genitals.[28] In 2017, the TSA introduced a new even-more invasive pat-down method, of which they warned police departments about increased complaints.[29]

Neglect of duty[edit]

TSA keys are now available to anyone with a 3-D printer.

All seven master keys used to unlock luggage were cracked in 2015 and the TSA doesn't seem to care.[30]

It took seven years for the TSA to finally respond to a journalist's Freedom of Information Act request.[31] The TSA disclosed data on passenger complaints, four years after the data was requested.[32]

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