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Nordisk Styrka (English: Nordic Strength) is an extreme right-wing neo-Nazi paramilitary group in the Nordic region with membership in Norway and Sweden. It was founded in August 2019 by members of the Nordic Resistance Movement after an internal split and discontent over poor election results.[1]


The Swedish Nordic Resistance Movement was founded in 1997 by Klas LundWikipedia (1968–) and other members of the Swedish White Aryan resistanceWikipedia and other neo-Nazi groups. The organization expanded over time into the Nordic Resistance Movement, a revolutionary National Socialist group opposed to democracy and modern values.

The NMR and its members have been responsible for numerous acts of violence, attacks on protesters, and promotion of hate speech. Notably the NMR attacked people at a anti-racist demonstration in KärrtorpWikipedia in 2013. The NMR was considered the neo-Nazi group that posed the greatest threat to Sweden's internal security following this incident.

In 2015 the leader of the Swedish branch of the NMR Klas Lund stepped down in 2015, and was replaced by Simon Lindberg, former National Socialist Front member. This was the start of an ideological split in the group. Klas Lund believes in an elitist paramilitary group, and Simon Lindberg believes in a softer approach that has more mass appeal.

In 2019 the NMR ran for parliamentary elections and in Ludvika, Boden and Kungälv municipal elections. After only 0.3 per cent of the votes went to the NMR the group split with Klas Lund forming a new organisation, the Nordisk Styrka.

This was followed by infighting between Swedish neo-Nazis, with Klas Lund accusing the NMR of being "liberalized" and "de-radicalized", and the NMR accusing Nordisk Styrka of being "an extreme group" and "particularly violent", both groups have denied the claims made by each other.


The organisation was formed by members of the Nordic Resistance Movement as a splinter group intended to be more action oriented than the NMR. The leader is the former leader of the Svenska motståndsrörelsen NMR branch, Klas Lund, who is considered to be one of Sweden's most dangerous neo-Nazi activists since the 1990s.[2] He was once convicted of manslaughter for which he served a four-year prison sentence.[3] Other founding members included Anders Rydberg, Emil Hagberg, and Haakon Forwald.[4]

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