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Chris Dorsey

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Chris Dorsey (1974–) is an American "investigative journalist", self-proclaimed human and civil rights activist, commentator, "Commander" of the Virginia Militia, and crank. His book, The Militia Handbook elaborates on his claims that the Zionist "shadow government" has usurped authority from the people and, more importantly, how they are to be lawfully neutralised.[1] He also says that works on exposing worldwide corruption and establishing justice by calling for the enforcement of the United States Constitution. How a document whose primary role was to outline how the government should be set up and is written to accommodate a variety of different interpretations could be "enforced" is anyone's guess.

In his "work" he continually challenges the dominant narrative in the mainstream media that is widely accepted by the majority of the population and supported by actual facts, while investigating and analysing available evidence and conspiracy theories behind the events that some of the public believes are organised and staged by the institutions that control governments. Apart from the evil of The Jews, his favored topics include such conspiracy theorist favorites as MKULTRA, voter fraud, organ theft, and many more.


Dorsey was born in Hagerstown, Maryland. He attended the Blessed Sacrament High School at Belmead and currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia. Dorsey claims to be a bloodline descendant of founding members of the Virginia and Maryland militia, but there is no substantial evidence for this.

Dorsey began his career as a Democrat. He became an independent journalist after 9/11 with his involvement in the 9/11 Truther movement. In 2011, he became a member of the Occupy Richmond Movement, where he generally annoyed everyone else with his self-aggrandizing antics until he was finally kicked out of the group.[2] He also became a member of a liberal, anti-war group RVA4Peace,[3] despite having next to nothing in common with anything resembling liberalism.

In 2013, Dorsey ran for the position of Sheriff of Richmond, and somehow gained 10% of the votes, despite holding views that were politely referred to as being "offbeat".[4] This is even more surprising when you realize he couldn't even convince other libertarians that most of his platform wasn't insane. [5]


Beside his supposedly numerous appearances on various media outlets that have all conspicuously vanished, Dorsey is known for his "activist" work. He has taken part in uncountable political protests in order to expose corruption and to hold public figures accountable for their crimes, most of which are either exaggerated or completely imaginary.

Dorsey mainly spreads his message through filmed ‘Man On The Street Interviews’ that he does with government officials as well as members of the public. He is known for his obnoxious confrontations of civil servants, countless members of Virginia's Congress, and other prominent figures. At one point, he also appeared on an interview with Alex Jones, which should tell you something about his credibility.

Run-ins with the law[edit]

Dorsey is known for his appearances in public courts and meetings where he supposedly proves corruption by presenting irrefutable evidence and calls for "the Law" to be upheld (read: makes a fool of himself in public). To the surprise of nobody other than himself and his followers, Dorsey was banned on February 23, 2015, for six months on the grounds of persistent video recording,[6] following an earlier incident the previous year where he had to be forcibly escorted out of a previous meeting.[7] Strangely, he never thought to connect this to the fact that he had a pistol visible on his person at all times.

Dorsey claims he was arrested on June 10, 2015, by the Richmond Police for persistent video recording on a second occasion, but a search of the Richmond Police's arrest records of that day shows no sign of it ever happening. He also says he has been subjected to FBI investigation but has similarly failed to provide any evidence for it.

Views and philosophy[edit]

Dorsey claims that the dual US-Israeli citizens who infiltrated the United States government and are atop the Federal Reserve Banking system are responsible for controlling the government through lobbying groups, demonstrating a hilarious misunderstanding about how lobbying actually works. He also believes that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the Mossad and that the World Trade Center, including Building 7, was destroyed by controlled demolition with military-grade explosive nano-thermite. Dorsey also believes the Mossad carried out the Orlando and San Bernardino mass shootings "in order to forward the agenda of disarming the American people of their God-given rights not only to keep but to bear arms."[8] He believes that the majority of the present world governments are controlled by the Bank for International Settlements and that corruption within the governments is directly responsible for everything in the world he considers bad. He believes that the answer to the problem is to enforce the Constitution. Apparently, he has not noticed that the Constitution applies only to the United States and not the rest of the world, nor has he realized that the Constitution is not enforced like most laws are.

Adding a bit of fundie nonsense to it all, Dorsey claims divine authority for his views by insisting that "God creates man, man creates government." As per usual, God has yet to comment.

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