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Diamond and Silk on InfoWars in April 2018.
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What is the definition of white supremacist? You don’t know, do you? Why would you talk that?” I'm tired of you all playing the race card. Stop calling everybody a racist.
—Diamond & Silk, defending racist Steve King at a press conference[1]

Lynnette Hardaway (1971–2023[2]) and Rochelle Richardson, better known as Diamond & Silk, were an American vlogging and conservative-commentary sister-duo, were two of Donald Trump's most visible fangirls, until Diamond passed away. They have had a considerable presence on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, among others.

All onboard the Trump Train![edit]

The daughters of a pair of televangelists based out of North Carolina, Hardaway and Richardson were actually both Democrats originally, but Donald Trump's presidential campaign caused them both to immediately switch over to the Republican Party in 2015.[3] They both believed him to be someone who would work for African-American people and would "actually get stuff done."[4] And they've been rabid Trump supporters ever since.

Though the two sisters were never officially a part of the Trump Campaign, they have made appearances at several of his rallies, notably joining him onstage in Raleigh, North Carolina on December 4, 2015,[5] and serving as the opening speakers at a rally in Biloxi, Mississippi on January 2, 2016.[6] They encouraged Democrats and Independents to vote for Trump with a bait and switch "Ditch and Switch" campaign.

Right-wing media darlings[edit]

Being associated with Trump gave Diamond & Silk the wingnut stamp of approval. They've been omnipresent on conservative news media, becoming Fox News regulars and being interviewed by the likes of Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. They've also appeared on Breitbart, The Daily Caller, Newsmax, TheBlaze, CNS News, and InfoWars, being interviewed by Alex Jones himself.

They've also been interviewed by Tomi Lahren and Milo Yiannopoulos.

In March 2016, Diamond & Silk got into a small spat with Rush Limbaugh, who was not aware that the two sisters had switched over to the Republican Party and, because he thought they were still Democrats, made an implication on his show that their support for Trump wasn't genuine. They sent him an open message via a YouTube video to "set him straight" where they confirmed that they had indeed become Republicans but kept it quiet to avoid drawing too much attention from the "GOP establishment" and the "mainstream media."[7] Limbaugh would later retract his statements and congratulated the two for their mission to convert Democrats to Republicans.

Senator Ted Cruz has apparently also become a fan of theirs.[8]

You gotta get off the plantation, I tell ya![edit]

Diamond & Silk's pro-Trump rhetoric comes with large dollops of anti-Democrat bullshit. Their primary argument is that the Democratic Party is a "plantation" that represses African-American voters who hold different opinions, and that the silent majority need to fight back by supporting Trump.[9] They seem to be convinced that the Democratic Party is trying to "condition" black people into hating the Republican Party so they can keep voting Democrat.[10]

They present themselves as primary examples of why Trump totally isn't racist: "How could Trump have a race problem when these two vibrant, independent black women like him so much?" They think anyone who dares to call Trump a racist is wrong, and anyone who calls them out for supporting him are the actual racists.

More wingnuttery[edit]

It's all a leftist plot![edit]

In April 2018, Diamond & Silk claimed that some of their content on Facebook had been flagged as "unsafe to the community" and also suggested that YouTube blocked some of their content because of their support for Donald Trump. These claims originated from Mark Zuckerberg's congressional hearing in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Representatives Marsha Blackburn and Joe Barton and Senator Ted Cruz accused Zuckerberg of deliberately censoring Diamond & Silk, with Barton in particular claiming that Zuckerberg was targeting conservative bloggers such as Diamond & Silk. Zuckerberg said that it was a mistake and that his team personally contacted the two.

In truth, there has been no evidence that any of this has ever happened, and the censorship claims have since been debunked by CNN and Business Insider,[16] but the sisters persist that it has. They posted a video on YouTube telling off Zuckerberg, claiming that there was nothing "unsafe" about two black women supporting [their] president (to be fair to them, they're not even wrong) and that they weren't "terrorists."[17]

Diamond & Silk go to Washington[edit]

Diamond and Silk at the House Judiciary Committee. Louis Gohmert is the man in the middle.

Diamond & Silk appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on April 26, 2018 in a hearing about alleged filtering practices of social media. Mostly, they just did a lot of yelling about fake news, liberal bias, and how the whole hearing was stupid and pointless.[18]

Oh, and they lied under oath. When asked if they ever received money from the Trump Campaign, they said they didn't. However, a Federal Election Commission filing showed that the Trump Campaign had, in fact, paid the sisters $1,275 in November 2016 for "field consulting."[19]

They gave a press conference with white nationalist Representative Steve King in 2019 in support of the "so-called Diamond and Silk Act — designed to shift funds from sanctuary cities to homeless veterans — but really King needed them to inoculate him from the whole racism thing."[1]

Coronavirus claims[edit]

Diamond & Silk began promoting conspiracy theories and disinformation about the COVID-19. In response to this Fox News has officially cut ties with the MAGA duo, “After what they’ve said and tweeted you won’t be seeing them on Fox Nation or Fox News anytime soon,” a source with knowledge of the matter told The Daily Beast.[20] Similarly to other Fox pundits fired for being spreading bullshit that was actually too libelous for Fox News, Diamond and Silk found a new home with Newsmax.[21]

Supporting Trump's bullshit election fraud claims[edit]

In late 2020, Diamond and Silk were one of the more notorious "superspreaders" on social media of misinformation that attempted to support Donald Trump's bullshit 2020 "election fraud" claims.[22] On December 11 2020, after the Supreme Court dismissed one of Trump's bizarre lawsuits seeking to overturn the election, Diamond and Silk actually called for the military to intervene, calling the fair and free election Joe Biden had won a "coup".[23][24]

Of course, when a mob (including some notable alt-right personalities) actually attempted a coup on January 6, 2021, Diamond and Silk tweeted, perhaps a little shocked by the turn of events, that "Americans who love this country would never destroy it. Violence is never the answer!"[25] (Predictably, though, their very next tweet engaged in some whataboutism whining about Black Lives Matter protests earlier that summer.)[26]

On March 26 2021, having learned nothing from the above events, in a "discussion" with obscure pundit David BrodyWikipedia on an even more obscure[note 1] conservative outlet called "Real America's Voice", Diamond and Silk were still supporting Trump's election fraud bullshit, and were still calling for "the military to step in and take over" Joe Biden's government and "get to the bottom of" the 2020 presidential election.[27]

A Diamond shining no more[edit]

During the Thanksgiving season in 2022, Diamond was rumored to have been hospitalized due to COVID-19.[28] Eventually on January, 9th, her death was announced by Trump on Truth Social. Before her death, Diamond has denied being hospitalized from COVID, which some critics believed to have killed her. Her death was confirmed to be from heart disease and high blood pressure.[29]

True to form, in early 2023, Silk spouted multiple conspiracy theories about her sister's death that aligned with her anti-vaccination beliefs. At Diamond's memorial service in January 2023, Silk suggested that "shedding" from COVID-19 vaccines caused her death.[30] In early February 2023, Silk floated a related theory for her sister's death, conspiring that a bio-weapon "being sprayed in the air" was to blame.[31]


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