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Steven Crowder

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Crowder speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland.
Parroting squawkbox
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And a dirty dozen more
Were you looking for Steven Colbert, an actual comedian?
Crowder's pleasure with himself and his sadistic use of physical power is obvious, thanks mostly to his expressive gestures, facial reddening, shrill vocal manipulations, and erratic hand movements. But his glee belies the worrisome nature of his work. Steeped in bigotry and violent humiliation, the point of most of the clips seems clear: Liberalism is a threatening pathology in need of urgent, punitive extermination—by whatever means are at hand.
—Delaney Rohan[1]

Steven "Cold Feet" Crowder (1987–) is a professional asshole, commentator and self-described comedian who supports conservative and libertarian views. Crowder is prominent in the conservative establishment: he previously worked for Fox News,[2] wrote for Breitbart.com's Big Hollywood section,[3] and repeatedly appeared at the Conservative Political Action ConferenceWikipedia (CPAC). He regularly posts "comedy" on YouTube[4] and regularly posts "news" on his webshite, LouderWithCrowder.com (LwC for short[5]). Crowder's YouTube channel has over four million subscribers and over 900 million views.[6]

Political career[edit]

Crowder in 2009 on Neil Cavuto, opposing "socialized Obamacare"[7]
I'm not a micro political guy, but tend to lean more conservative and Libertarian. I've got no ulterior motive. I'm not pushing any agenda. I don't care as much about the local political races as much as I do the over-reaching direction of where this country is going, but I do care. People get to hear the world as I see it. I'm not a hyper conservative, but I am a conservative. I literally don't have any other agenda than wanting to make people laugh.
—Crowder, explaining that he's very concerned about the political situation in the US and wants to rile people up about it, but totally doesn't have an agenda[8]

Crowder produced his own comedic shorts until getting picked up by PJ Media in 2009,[2] which caught the eye of Fox News that same year. Crowder worked for Fox News from 2009 to 2013. During that time, he appeared on Hannity[9] and Cavuto.[7] In 2013, after a seven-month period where he was not televised, Crowder criticized Fox in general and Hannity in particular for getting "bulldozed like a child" on a radio interview.[10][11] Despite his public apology,[12] he was shortly fired.[2] After disappearing from Fox, Crowder started doing the speaker circuit rounds, apparently charging about $3,000-$5,000 per visit.[13]

One of Crowder's ideas of wanting to make people laugh is to play extremely racist caricatures of the Chinese as part of "cultural appropriation month".[14]

Oligarch Funding[edit]

Despite constantly promoting himself as an independent creator, Steven Crowder's show is actually part of the Glenn Beck and Mark Levin-owned Blaze Media[15], which is funded by billionaire Cary Katz, CRTV's principal investor and College Lending Corp. founder, which markets loans to university students [16].


I'm a young conservative Christian who’s pretty edgy but never dirty.
—Steven Crowder, interview with The Daily Beast[2]
Shut up, you old bag!
—Steven Crowder, while waterboarding Nancy Pelosi[17]

Some of Crowder's more egregious videos are documented below.

Same-sex marriage[edit]

In a video titled "GAY MARRIAGE!! (Featuring Gay Leprechaun)", Crowder begins by whining about being called a homophobe by "the left” for his homophobic views.[18]

The left uses it all the time. If you don't agree with the homosexual bully pulpit 100% of the time, you're homophobic. Forget about any logical objections or counterarguments to things like same-sex marriage. You're simply afraid of the gays.

What are these objections? Well, for one, his feelings would be hurt if we called it "marriage" and he believes it is not homophobic to force gay couples to get an obviously inferior version of water fountain marriage:

If gay people want to get married, or get together, they should have a civil partnership... . Heterosexual people get married. We can have civil partnerships.
—Elton John

[mock gasp] But he must be one of those self-loathing homos. Or maybe, just maybe, he's logical in his thought process in that giving same-sex partnerships the same the same status as marriage may have more serious repercussions than we thought.

Just how many Americans are opposed to gay marriage? [on-screen stats show about 4 in 10 support same-sex marriage, 6 in 10 oppose] Why is there a comparable majority of Americans that support same-sex civil unions? [on-screen stats show about 6 in 10 support same-sex civil unions, 4 in 10 oppose] I'm gonna go with they must be racist homophobic hate-mongers.

He's actually correct that people who oppose gay marriage are homophobic by definition as these people support restrictions of rights for a disadvantaged minority group only for being a disadvantaged minority group. We call that "discrimination" and we have tried "separate-but-equal" facilities, and they always end up unequal and fueled by bigotry. This counterargument may be where Crowder gets the whole "racist" thing from his opponents, by the way.

For another, same-sex marriage means that the government can force churches to gay marry people:

All right, let's assume for a second that you assume marriage a fundamental civil right for everybody. Well, then, what happens if a church decides that they don't wanna marry two dudes? You can't deny people their civil rights, it's the law! So technically, if a church were to follow its own doctrine, they'd risk losing their tax-exempt status. And without a tax-exempt status, a church would cease to exist. So essentially, the government would be infringing upon the church. Isn't that a violation of one of the amendments or something?

Crowder is either being ignorant or being malicious on this claim. Even the Family Research Council says that "there is no significant risk that pastors and churches can be compelled by a court to solemnize, host, or perform a same-sex marriage ceremony".[19]

Guantanamo Bay[edit]

In a video titled "The REAL GUANTANAMO BAY!!", Crowder asserts that Guantanamo Bay is a well-run beach community (he spends 2 minutes of 14 partaking in beach activities) where prisoners are treated fairly and provided numerous amenities. In contrast, Amnesty International has consistently found human rights violations (such as torture) and unjustified detention of civilians (without proper procedural or legal rights).[20] This video features Crowder's manipulative use of language and imagery on full display. For example, Crowder shifts from discussing the rights provided to detainees, to implicitly blaming "liberals" for 9/11, to flatly asserting that all Gitmo detainees are terrorists, in just 15 seconds:[21]

[W]hen you take into consideration that Gitmo once held more than 779 detainees and there are now only around 221 left, it would seem that more people are let free than actually detained. Which is of course a shame, as many of them, ah, actually returned to killing fellow Americans. Americans, liberals. Remember them? The victims in all of this.

[clips of 9/11 play with sad music in background for 15 seconds]

[Crowder as Crowder: ]It's important to remember that these detainees are terrorists, not prisoners. Terrorists, just like one of the 9/11 masterminds, Kaleef Sheikh Mohammad, who, thanks to Obama, is now enjoying an all-expenses paid trip to New York, as he awaits his American trial.

Gun control[edit]

After Barack Obama suggested that the Federal Assault Weapons BanWikipedia should become permanent, Crowder compared him to Hitler and Stalin in "GUNS, GUNS, GUNS! (Featuring Michael Moore)":[22]

Truth is, most of the guns on this ban list are nothing more than your trusty ol' semi-automatic. And for those sissies who don't know, nearly every handgun nowadays is a semi-automatic. This is just a part of the Obama Administration's multi-pronged approach to take away our 2nd Amendment rights. And they're not the first! Plenty of successful leaders have implemented gun control in the past. Hitler, Stalin, Che Guevara, and now we've got Pelosi and pals!

Of course, [1] Obama never took your guns, [2] Hitler expanded gun rights (for the "right kind" of citizens), although he did strip these rights from Jews and other so-called "undesirables," and [3] Ché Guevara, who was a literal armed revolutionary against a tyrannical government, only briefly held office in the following Castro regime.


In May of 2019, Carlos Maza made a Tweet shedding light on Crowder's homophobic remarks:[23]

Since I started working at Vox, Steven Crowder has been making video after video "debunking" Strikethrough. Every single video has included repeated, overt attacks on my sexual orientation and ethnicity. Here's a sample:

Crowder described Maza as the following, with a stereotypical gay voice for some of them:[23]

lispy sprite

You're given a free pass as a crappy writer because you're gay.

little queer

gay Mexican

Sprite is a synonym for fairy, which is a known homophobic slur.[25] Meanwhile, queer can be derogatory depending on context,[26] which is obviously the case here. On June 5, 2019, Chris Dale of YouTube responded with a blog post, "Taking a harder look at harassment", that promised tougher policies regarding harassment and hate speech.[27] These policy updates were met with mixed reception, as many innocent channels saw a drop in ad revenue in what is dubbed the "Vox Adpocalypse".

As for Pete ButtigiegWikipedia, Crowder regularly calls him "Pete Butt Gig".

Change my mind[edit]

The original image that became a meme.

"Change My Mind" is a YouTube show where Steven Crowder debates with non-credentialed young adults on complex issues. Big surprise: Crowder argues for a wide array of conservative topics.[28]

  • There Are Only 2 Genders
  • I'm Pro-Gun (2nd Edition)
  • ‘Rape Culture’ Is A MYTH
  • Male Privilege Is A Myth (2nd Edition)
  • Male Privilege Is A Myth
  • There are Only 2 Genders (2nd Edition)
  • PROTESTER SCREAMS Then Rethinks : Change My Mind
  • Trump Is Not A Fascist: Change My Mind
  • I'm Pro-Gun
  • I’m Pro-Life
  • Hate Speech Isn't Real (2nd Edition)
  • Build The Wall (2nd Edition)
  • Hate Speech Isn't Real
  • I’m Pro-Life (2nd Edition)
  • I'm Pro-Life (3rd Edition)
  • Build The Wall
  • First Time Gun Buyer!
  • I'm Pro-Life (4th Edition)
  • America Is Superior
  • Kwanzaa Isn't Real
  • Socialism is Evil
  • Gay Conservatives Speak Out! (BONUS)
  • 'CHANGE MY MIND' FOLLOW UP: Pro-Choice Student Returns
  • Crazy MAGA-Hat Stealing Protester Shut Down by Cops!
  • TEASER: Trump is NOT A Fascist
  • [Private video]
  • [Private video]
  • [Private video]
  • Change My Mind Google Edition: Hate Speech Q&A
  • Hate Speech Isn't Real (Google Edition)
  • BONUS: America Is Superior
  • TEASER: Trump is Not Racist
  • Insane Anti-Trump Protester goes BERSERK on Crowder!
  • Trump Is Not Racist: Change My Mind
  • CNN is Fake News
  • TEASER: Thanksgiving Isn't Racist
  • Thanksgiving Isn't Racist
  • [Private video]
  • Trump Is Not A Fascist
  • [Private video]
  • [Private video]
  • Filipino Liberal and Crowder... Agree? (BONUS)
  • Affirmative Action is Racist
  • Affirmative Action is Racist (Part 2)
  • Male Privilege is a Myth (3rd Edition)

Episode 666[edit]

Louder With Crowder aired Episode 666, titled "Everything Wrong With Bill de Blasio!!" (in all caps), on April 16, 2020. The show featured Ben Shapiro as a guest.[29]



And that's a wrap, folks! Thanks to all who tuned in!

We may keep security on the Clinton watch for a bit longer. Just to be safe.



In June of 2016, Crowder announced the super "edgy" T-shirt "Socialism is for figs":

Updated "Socialism is for Figs" shirt coming to the #LwC merch store soon. pic.twitter.com/wgviKFMIHL

Remember kids, it's not bigotry if you replace one letter in a slur!


#TransRightsAreHumanRights ? Let's see, how do I put this delicately? Ah. No they’re not.



In Crowder's article for Breitbart titled "Sarah Silverman: Fox News Is a Secret Racist Machine!", Crowder asserts that Silverman is not racist for using racist slurs:[33]

How convenient for a lady like Sarah who regularly uses words such as “chink,” “nigger” and “spic” as staples in her act. Don’t worry, though, the only reason Sarah uses such incendiary language is because, “the progressive messages out there today are more refined and sense-of-irony dependent.” Yes, really.

Listen, I don’t think that anybody has the right to prohibit Sarah from using those words and I don’t think that she’s a racist. I think she’s distasteful, unfunny and terribly ugly (both inside and out) with no redeeming qualities whatsoever… But not a racist.


As a stopped clock, Crowder openly resents antisemitism:[34]

In the end, I guess I’m just hoping that folks don’t lump the off-putting “Hollywood Jews” in with the good, decent people of the Jewish faith. I’ve been seeing a lot of anti-Semitism lately from both the left and the far-right (Alex Jones anybody?), and I find it troubling. So the next time you hear one of the Weinstein brothers or Carl Reiner speak and find yourself disgusted, remember that they would have more in common with Sean Penn than with your local Rabbi.


Crowder has repeatedly lied or misrepresented evidence in his political commentator career, as you may have noticed from the above.

Potholer54 climate change debacle[edit]

In 2017, Crowder argued with British science journalist Peter Hadfield (aka Potholer54) over a Louder with Crowder episode titled "Top 5 'Climate Change' Myths". Crowder's arguments were hilariously bad:[35]

  • Crowder argued that climate scientists encourage support for Big Government by lying about AGW to guilt liberals.
  • Crowder argued that all climate scientists believe "gender to be a figment of the imagination", as if this were unscientific or discredited their work in climate science.
  • Crowder argued that NASA confirmed a global net gain of ice of 82bn tons and that this is evidence of cooling when in fact this figure was only for (parts of) Antarctica and that Greenland had lost 269bn tons in the same period.
  • Crowder argued that an increase of polar bear numbers (which followed a ban on hunting) as proof that climate change is not harming polar bears.
  • Crowder argued that climate change models are worthless because the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was unable to predict an exact number of hurricanes per year.
  • Crowder also cited Christopher Monckton's and Tim Ball's claims that NOAA is fraudulent as evidence that climate change is itself bogus.

Following this, Crowder challenged Hadfield to a debate. Hadfield refused because no topic or time of day was proposed and therefore a formal debate could not be prepared. Updates as to the debate discussions were brought up in subsequent Hadfield videos.[36][37] Haldfield agreed to participate in a livestream debate scheduled for April 27, but Crowder chickened out at the last minute.[38]

Sam Seder's Debate Challenge[edit]

Leading up to 2018 Politicon, Sam Seder challenged Steven Crowder to a debate. Politicon contacted Steven Crowder who in response, stopped responding to their emails. [39] Since then, Sam Seder has posted numerous challenges [40] and Crowder's own followers have asked why he won't debate Seder. Crowder has ignored the challenge but continued to "debate" random college students who aren't schooled on these subjects.

Ashley Judd's iPhone rape[edit]

At the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference, Crowder stated, "...Ashley Judd just tweeted that buying Apple products, again, is akin to rape. From her iPhone."[41]

Judd wrote a 2010 essay (not "just tweeted" by 3 years, and not Twitter at all) in which she expressed grief at learning that electronic products are manufactured in countries in conflict. In such countries, women are often sexually assaulted by militia members.[41]

Union thuggery and misleading editing[edit]

In December 2012, Fox News aired a video that would briefly obsess the conservative blogosphere. At a Right to Work rally in Michigan, one of Fox’s young contributors was punched in the face by a union member. It was evidence, a parade of Fox pundits stressed, of “union thuggery.” On Fox and Friends, anchor Steve Doocy wondered what his colleague had done “that so provoked the left.” But an extended version of the video, aired ironically on Fox News’ Hannity, revealed that the original clip had been edited, removing footage of the puncher being pushed to the ground prior to throwing a punch in return.[2]

Upon close inspection, it's clear that Steven Crowder used a throw to get the old man to the ground. [42]


In September 2016, Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer started a "meme" smear campaign where he used fake Tweets to claim that Crowder is the leader of the alt-right and advocates for another Holocaust,[43][44] seemingly in the hopes of ruining what's left of Crowder's reputation à la Ben Garrison.[45] The "meme" was picked up by David Duke,[46] 4chan's /pol/,[47][48] and The Right Stuff, which released a fake podcast titled "White Power with Crowder".[49] Trolls on Twitter defamed Crowder on the hashtag #CrowderFacts.[50]

In reality, Crowder is passionately pro-Israel and opposes antisemitism,[51][52][53][54] despite him originally having good buddy and occasional substitute host Owen Benjamin being a fucking Holocaust denier and straight-up Neo-Nazi who he only cut ties with after Benjamin told him the Moon landing was a hoax. He also believes Barack Obama is antisemitic,[55] so don't feel too bad about him being slandered in the same manner. Crowder mocked the alt-right when Donald Trump appeared to be on good terms with Benjamin Netanyahu.[56] Alt-right organizer Richard Spencer asserted that "most of the stuff [Crowder] says is just off-the-shelf conservatism that isn’t remotely dangerous or new."[45]


  • As a child, Crowder voiced the BrainWikipedia on the PBS animated series Arthur.Wikipedia
  • In 2012, Crowder married Hilary Crowder (née Korzon).[57]

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