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Consegrity® was a registered trademark method of "energy healing" (de facto faith healing), promoted by the now defunct Consegrity Inc. It was founded by Dr. Mary A. Lynch, a retired orthopedic surgeon, and Debra Harrison, a massage therapist, in the early 2000s. After Harrison's death and the shutdown of Consegrity Inc., Lynch continues to peddle the same bullshit under the name Consilience Energy Mirrors, as the use of the "Consegrity" trademark was restricted by Harrison's estate.

According to its creators, the word "Consegrity" stands for "CONsciousness awareness; tenSEGRITY of the body — the ability to withstand tension and pressure;[1]and CONsilience — "the ALL KNOWING aspect of us.


Both Debra Harrison and her mother died in 2005 due to their belief in Consegrity® — despite their serious medical problems, they did not seek help from conventional medicine. When Harrison's mother became so ill that relatives were able to convince her to go to a doctor, she was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer, with tumors in her liver and her kidney. According to the relatives, when informed of the diagnosis, Harrison blamed them, saying that their "negative energy" and the visit to the doctor were to blame and that the cancer "manifested itself with the diagnosis". Her mother died in June 2005. Harrison herself died in August the same year from diabetic ketoacidosis, a result from untreated diabetes.

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  1. Surprisingly, "tensegrity" is a real word, an engineering term — short for "tensile integrity" ("tensegrity" was coined by Buckminster Fuller), though it has been also appropriated by Carlos Castaneda. See the Wikipedia article on Tensegrity.