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Julian Whitaker
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Julian Whitaker is an American alternative medicine practitioner, cholesterol denialist and vitamin woo promoter who operates the "Whitaker Wellness Institute" in California. While he does have an MD from Emory and did some postdoc work, he never took the time to complete his residency.


Whitaker promotes chelation therapy, is a vaccine denialist, and practices "anti-aging medicine". Note that "anti-aging medicine" is a specialty not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Whitaker recommends using human growth hormone to slow down aging. He is also a mental illness denier, putting him in the same league as Scientology. Apparently, vitamins can cure mental illness. Whitaker is a huge promoter of vitamins curing everything. He also believes he can cure asthma in 4 days, as well as thinking he can make you almost immune to cancer. His newsletter, which is full of tripe, such as claiming he can cure arthritis in three days, is on Quackwatch's list of non-recommended publications.[1]

The National Council Against Health Fraud has received complaints from Whitaker's former patients. He has also been criticized for misrepresenting the views of evidence-based medicine.[2]

Cholesterol denialism[edit]

Whitaker is a cholesterol and statin denialist. He believes that high-cholesterol levels do not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and statins are "ineffective, expensive, side effect–riddled fraud".[3] He is grossly misinformed and not up to date with recent medical research demonstrating the opposite of what he claims.[4] Unsurprisingly, his solution to treat various cardiovascular disorders is a dubious nutritional supplement regimen.[3]

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