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Conservapedia:Conservative Dictionary Project

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The Conservative Dictionary Project is yet another attempt to reinvent reality a project by various Conservapedian editors that, according to Conservapedia, is designed to counter what they perceive to be "liberal redefinitions"[1] and "secularized language[2] (which is bad, BTW) that they are convinced that liberals seek to corrupt the English language with.[3] First the Conservative Bible Project, and now a Conservative dictionary project? Wow, reality must be really liberally biased indeed.

Why Conservapedia thinks it's necessary[edit]

Conservapedia argues that a conservative-biased version of the actual dictionary is needed for the following (imagined) reasons:

  • "Liberal redefinition": In other words, any definition that Conservapedians don't like, e.g. the definitions for themselves; here is their narcissism definition of themselves:
Date: 2006

Conservapedia: True conservative meaning- The Trustworthy Encyclopedia.

False liberal redefinition- an American conservative Christian-biased encyclopedia.[4]

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