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Wigocp.svg This Conservapedia-related article is of largely historical interest and is no longer the focus of RationalWiki today.
Conservapedia (and religious fundamentalism to an extent) was a major focal point in the early history of RationalWiki, but long ago ceased coming up with new ways to appall and amuse.
Our energies are now spent debunking other, fresher examples of pseudoscientific claims, authoritarianism, and deceit.
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A warning to the wise: parodists, they're everywhere.

They cook your meals, they haul your trash, they connect your calls, they drive your ambulances.
They guard you while you sleep.

Do not fuck with them.

Trus me
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In-depth analysis

Conservapedia has been infiltrated by parodists and deep cover liberals numerous times, including some, like MexMax, Bugler, or JJacob, who revealed themselves after being given some level of responsibility for running the site.[1]


The vast infiltration has led to an atmosphere of paranoia about parody and subversion among sysops, who are reluctant to trust newer editors. Many parodists are too obvious, and get caught right away. Sure, that means that well-meaning editors get swept up in the ensuing witch hunt. But the best parodists are those that are never suspected by anyone, on either side.

Parodists and extremists[edit]

Often it is tempting to believe that the whole of Conservapedia is a parody site satirising the Christian right. While many of Andrew Schlafly's outrageous pronouncements make him look like a parodist, his family and professional background suggest otherwise. Nevertheless, it seems probable that several parodists have become accepted within his site, where they contribute to the chaotic farce which is Conservapedia.

Schlafly nevertheless sometimes makes up arguments so silly that it appears a parodist hacked his account. For example, when he suggested that Obama is a Muslim because he never dances,[2] all parodists were outmatched: no parodist would dare to use an argument as silly as this one, as it would surely reveal them as parodists!

Parodists and "moderate" conservapedians[edit]

There used to be a "non-extremist" group in Conservapedia, to the extent anything to the left of Andy Schlafly and the core goons' wingnuttery is "moderate." For example, Philip J. Rayment, who is as religiously extreme as the day is long and because of his fundie zealotry is a homophobe and misogynist, nonetheless dared to oppose Andy's most irrational affirmations, particularly relating to gun control. Rayment as an example goes to show that even a rapturian fundie can seem moderate by Conservapedian standards simply for his refusal to toe the party line on the issue du jour. And thus, parodists thrive on applauding Andy like sheep in Animal Farm and harassing "non-extremists" like PJR. They probably intend to disgust good faith editors like Rayment and drive them off, thus making Conservapedia an even more extremist and ridiculous site.

If driving off legitimate editors, regardless of those editors' beliefs, is the actual goal of some of the parodists discussed below, we can say they succeeded. Andy's blindness about obvious parodists, leading to a 1690's Salem mentality among his hired goons (chiefly prosecuted by TK until his death in late 2010, and whose status as a parodist remains unknown) were prime causes in the departure of good faith editors like Rayment.

Parodists and RationalWiki[edit]

RationalWiki doesn't encourage parody. Not because we want to protect Conservapedia, but because it's funnier to contemplate Conservapedia's stupidity when it's genuine conservative silliness and not parody.

Contrary to Conservapedia's claim, RW is not a vandal or parodist site: we point out their stupidity without adding to it. If we did, it would be cheating.

But neither do we help them to find parodists. It's not our job to help CP. We sometimes point out obvious parodists, but that's because we think "If this time Andy doesn't understand he's a parodist, he won't believe us when we write he is". And actually, it works.

Though RationalWiki officially (whatever that means) discourages parody, high-profile parodists at CP have without exception eventually proven to be members of RW, often fairly active ones. Despite the official line, RationalWiki is a source of considerable encouragement for parodists in the form of archives of old parody and much-craved attention at WIGO:CP.

One can wonder whether it is still relevant to point out Conservapedia's silliness when no one knows exactly how many contributors are parodists. But anyway, genuine conservatives like Andy approved their work, so we can say that Conservapedia is still genuine conservative garbage.

It is really fun to see that even after a parodist comes out of the closet, they can still see his contributions as valid (yes, Poe's Law).

All-time greats[edit]


An example of parody on Conservapedia.


Bugler (artist's impression).
  • Bugler - Creator of insane luddite diatribes such as Big Science, and arch-defender of Aschlafly's crackpot anti-liberal essays, Bugler had long been suspected as a parodist by many at RationalWiki. Some of best examples of his style come from the debate he started proposing that atheists be banned from Conservapedia. Bugler also had block rights, which he abused viciously, despite repeated complaints. Apparently, Andy was prepared to make an obvious and often-decried troll a sysop, but Bugler attempted to pass himself off as "Brian Ugler," a name the Assfly refused to accept. As of January 1st 2009 it has been confirmed that Bugler was in fact, a parodist, and was promptly shoved down the memory hole.
  • Auld Nick
  • Richard
  • SSchultz
  • JJacob
  • JacobB
  • Alex00
  • Markman
  • PetyrB

Other examples[edit]

This editimg posted by Torture4Terrorists stood from March 11 to September 20, 2007, despite having been lampooned in the LA Times article of June 19, 2007. It was finally removedimg by TK.

Though the liberal media continues to disparage Bush's handling of the economy, they often neglect to report the many aspects of the economy that Bush has improved. For example, during his term Exxon Mobile has posted the largest profit of any company in a single year, and executive salaries have greatly increased as well.

Conservapedia spoofs lists others that you may have missed and which have been preserved for posterity by RationalWiki.

Suspected parodists[edit]

  • BHarlan - Like Saxplayer, BHarlan started lecturing and admonishing other editors immediately after joining up. This concern troll has stirred up trouble with provocative mystery articles, and feigned horror at the word "clitoris" and other sexual content at Conservapedia. Blocked by TK.
  • DRamon - Immediately after joining Conservapedia in September 2008, this editor was implausibly sycophantic about Schlafly and his site rules.[3] He also created a Schlaflyesque entry on prayer phobia, and, most suspicious of all, hinted that vandals at Conservapedia should be reported to law enforcement. DRamon made a single appearance on RationalWiki, to blame the site for his brief ban at Conservapedia and instruct us to "cease and desist". Also, his name suggests that of a popular comic character from an old Mexican TV series. Maybe Joaquín knows... Blocked by TK.
  • Foxtrot - A long-term editor with blocking rights, specialising largely in exaggeratedly homophobic content. His possessive treatment of the Brokeback Mountain article was capped by his ironic inclusion of this picture. He has also made hilarious comments about "ideologically motivated zoo directors . . . placing their homosexual animals on parade".[4] Foxtrot has been handed a number of lengthy blocks.
  • Saxplayer - Edits by this user, whose name is suspiciously similar to another parodist, consist largely of Main Page talk comments defending the Conservapedia POV on various issues and using the Sclaflyesque catchphrase "open your mind and embrace conservative principles".[6] Schlafly has praised him as "more informed than most". After comments about his high talk quotient were raised on RationalWiki and Conservapedia, Saxplayer panicked and went on a spree of parody stubs. He was blocked as a parodist by TerryH, but incredibly got unblocked an hour later, after apologising. His major contribution since then has been Homosexual Historical Revisionism. Blocked by TK.
  • TK - Possibly the greatest parodist yet known. It's not known exactly what his motives were, but evidence clearly points that, if nothing else, he is among the God-Tier of trolls, as he was part of the upper echelons of Conservapedia, sitting at the right hand of Schlafly, while constantly undermining the site, even to the extent of blatantly banning genuine users with, at times, strangely random reasons. It is largely unknown why he was allowed to remain on CP, never mind have sysopship. Evidence brought up by Phillip J. Rayment indicates that TK was an undercover mole attempting to destroy Conservapedia. However, this has not been fully confirmed. Because TK died in late 2010, his true motives may never be known.
  • So many, many others.

Not parodists[edit]

Since Conservapedia is so full of parodists, and Poe's Law is the law of the land over there, it is easier to identify those who are certainly not parodists than those who likely are. Among them:

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