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Philip J. Rayment is a former Conservapedia sysop and creator of the now defunct A Storehouse of Knowledge. He believes that "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger" (Proverbs 15:1 (NIV)),[1] which finally cost him his position.

PJR, Conservapedian[edit]

Like most people at Conservapedia, Philip J. Rayment believes in creationism, along with the rest of the Bible — which he claims to read in a straight-forward and literal manner.[2] Aside from that common belief, Philip shared little with the rest of the CP cast. He had some differences with Andrew Schlafly that actually go as far back as 2007 and before he gave up on Conservapedia he strove to follow some of the better Christian teachings and tried not to look like a hypocrite.

Rayment was, in many ways, too good for Conservapedia. Amongst other things rarely found in the CP world he unblocked users who had been unfairly blocked, debated with reason and fact on subjects unrelated to creationism, avoided personal remarks and spoke up against Andy's antics when the other sheep were busy nodding their heads. Bugler called his criticisms of Conservapedia "treasonable" — although as a parodist he would, what is shocking is neither Ed Poor nor Andy stopped him.

After mistreatment, Rayment returned to Conservapedia doing what he thought was good work. He forgave those who persecuted him though he may have found forgiveness more difficult with repeated provocation.

My threshold for tolerating harassment of editors is very low and getting lower. Make your comments relevant, civil, and encouraging, or don't make them.[3]

Some RationalWikians expressed sympathy for Philip.


Rayment resignedimg from CP on 21st March 2009 (his checkuser, oversight, siteadmin, blocking, etc. rights were removed by Schlafly three months later) and started his own wiki, A Storehouse of Knowledge, where he continued to propagate his creationist nonsense until he alienated everyone there and it went kaput.

After his resignation, he published a long essay dealing with his experiences as CP administrator.

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