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Daily Plane is a "news" source for flat Earthers. The name is a riff on the fictional newspaper Daily PlanetWikipedia where Superman's alter-ego Clark Kent worked. While the Daily Planet's logo includes a spheroidal Earth, the Daily Plane instead includes the same azimuthal equidistant projectionWikipedia centred on the North Pole that most flat Earthers adhere to. The Daily Plane is also not daily.

The Daily Plane engages in crank magnetism in support of flatness by being anti-relativity (appealing to Nikola Tesla),[1] and being anti-evolution via an Electric Universe argument.[2] The Twitter account has also retweeted a crank aether posting (the last actual physicists who supported the idea of aether gave up in the 1930s),[3] and a posting alluding to the international Jewish conspiracy via association with Rothschild.[4]

The Daily Plane also engages in co-optation of both a manosphere term (red pill),[5] and an alt-right meme, Pepe. Pepe has been co-opted as "Fepe" ("Flat Earth People Everywhere"), which includes the Pepe the Frog face with a superimposed emperor penguin beak.[6][7] The Daily Plane also manages to be anti-Freemason[8] while at the same time co-opting Freemasonry ("33rd Degree Fepe).[6]

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