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Stephen J. Crothers

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I'm neither a mathematician nor a physicist. More accurately, I'm a gardener and home handyman who does science in his spare time.
—Stephen J. Crothers[1]

Stephen J. Crothers (born 1957) is a handyman/gardener and part-time amateur scientist who claims that black holes do not exist, and are neither predicted by nor compatible with General Relativity.[2] His body of work consists primarily of articles that he posts at either viXra or his own personal website,[3][4] thus steering clear of the peer review process. He has also been a frequent guest speaker at the annual EU conferences held by the Electric Universe crowd.[5][6][7]

Crothers is currently listed as a staff member at the Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies;[8] a minuscule (in size and influence) group of misfits and malcontents headed by "free energy" crank Myron W. Evans.[9]

Crothers and Evans co-authored the book Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation,[10] which advocates replacing General Relativity with the widely-discredited Einstein-Cartan-Evans (ECE) theory; a pseudoscience theory invented by Myron Evans, and used as justification for perpetual motion machines and various free energy scams.[11][12][13]

In 2005, Crothers was expelled from the University of New South Wales; all the sordid details of the incident are chronicled at his website, which he falsely attributes to "suppression of science".[14] Undeterred by his forced dismissal from academics, Crothers would soon go on to receive an honorary doctorate degree from the Maxwell Einstein University;[15][16] a fake, make-believe school created by his colleague and partner in crime, Myron Evans, for the sole purpose of doling out phony diplomas to his cohorts and cronies.

In 2008, Crothers and Evans each received a "Gold Medal Award" from the Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science;[17] a lunatic fringe organization that hands out second-rate menial awards to virtually any disreputable crackpot and con artist.

Starving for attention, Crothers e-mails his childlike scribblings to prominent scientists for comment, and surprisingly, renowned theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate, Prof. Gerard 't Hooft, has responded via his own personal website. However, their ongoing correspondence[18] has been contentious from the start, with Professor ‘t Hooft asserting that the gardener/handyman's "strange misconceptions" are "nonsense".[19] Similarly, world-famous mathematician Dr. Roy Kerr (best known for discovering the Kerr metric, an exact solution to the Einstein field equations of General Relativity), has aptly described Crothers' shoddy work as "rubbish".[20]

In 2016, the two devious hokum peddlers (Crothers and Evans) published their second book: Principles of the Einstein-Cartan-Evans Theory;[21][22][23] just more of the same (free energy extracted from spacetime torsion) drivel and hogwash.[24]


Here are a few of the many schoolboy howlers from "the Miles Mathis of cosmology": Stephen J. Crothers.

  • There has been a deliberate suppression of scientific truth by the community of physicists and astronomers concerning the black hole and the big bang.[4]
  • There is no theoretical basis whatsoever for the existence of black holes.[25]
  • Neither Newton's theory nor Einstein's theory predict black holes; both theories preclude it.[4]
  • Black holes are the result of David Hilbert’s corruption of the so-called Schwarzschild solution.[4]
  • Schwarzschild's "coordinate singularity" at r=2m is non-removable.[26]
  • The Kruskal-Szekeres coordinates are just unmitigated rot; built upon a set of invalid assumptions.[27][28]
  • The (Penrose-Hawking) singularity theorems are not theorems at all, as they are based upon false concepts.[29]
  • It is possible to have M3 and E3 in one-to-one correspondence. [30][31][32]
  • Einstein's gravitational waves are fictitious.[33]
  • Einstein's pseudo-tensor is a meaningless concoction of mathematical symbols.[34]


The majority of scientists that Crothers has contacted (via mass e-mailings[37]) have wisely chosen to just ignore him; which is perfectly understandable. Unsolicited e-mail from anyone (especially a rank amateur) claiming that black holes are a “scientific fraud” perpetrated by “corrupt physicists”, is all but guaranteed to elicit unmitigated skepticism and prompt deletion. Nonetheless, Crothers did manage to convince a handful of notable scientists to examine his work.

The following is a list of mathematicians and physicists who have fully analyzed his far-fetched claims (see linked References below). One and all have unanimously concluded that not only is Crothers downright rude and obnoxious,[20][38][39] he is also a colossal waste of time: "The plethora of articles by the author (Stephen J. Crothers), which are largely identical, do not warrant serious contemplation by qualified scientists and mathematicians".[40]



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