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Danny Wolf (born 1986 in Edmond, Oklahoma) is a paleolibertarian political philosopher, alt-right activist, and founder of The Sentinel news website. Wolf is a US-style right-wing libertarian in the Rothbardian tradition. He advocates capitalist control of all sectors of society, cultural conservatism and anti-empiricism. Probably best-known for his disdain of democracy (his articles often focus on the failures of democracy), Wolf frequently mingles with and hosts white supremacists at events and talks due to his dislike for political correctness. Even other libertarians think he is completely just a bit unhinged.


Wolf is a well-known opponent of open borders, which puts him further at odds with his libertarian contemporaries. With regards to the issues of immigration and open borders he wrote: "No self-respecting libertarian can dispute the need for borders. Sovereign nations have borders for the same reason yards have fences."

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