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The Clinton body count is an insane conspiracy theory originally perpetrated by Danny Casolaro (1947–1991) and later continued by others, which alleges that Bill and Hillary Clinton are responsible for the deaths of around 140 people.

The conspiracy theory is based on finding various vaguely suspicious but unconnected deaths, and then bullshitting a great deal to make it seem like the Clintons were somehow responsible. Generally the Clintons are portrayed as leaders of a deep state group, or as pawns of the military-industrial complex. Any holes in the theory are explained away as a "coverup".

Needless to say the entire idea is the fabrications of deranged lunatics, and has been thoroughly debunked.[2]


How to add to the conspiracy[edit]

  • Find literally any recently deceased journalist, lawyer, or politician.
  • Invent something to connect them to one or both the Clintons.
  • Claim their death was "highly suspicious".
  • Bullshit until everyone stops bothering to argue.
  • Bask in your delusion of having "proved" that "the Clintons did it".

Vince Foster[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Vince Foster

A central "starting point" for the conspiracy is the allegation that Vince Foster's suicide was murder and a coverup, often by sarcastically alleging he "committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of the head". This is a complete and total fabrication. The gun was fired two times, once when he shot himself in the mouth (specifically the posterior oropharynxWikipedia's W.svg) and once when police officers tested the ballistics of the gun in a crime lab.[3] The first appearance of these claims is not clear, but there's no legitimate source for them.


Supposed victims[edit]

As with most conspiracy theories, the narrative is always evolving, and new "victims" are added all the time:

  • Donald Joe Adams
  • John Ashe
  • William S. Barkley
  • Robert Bates
  • Gandy Baugh
  • Sabrina Bittencourt
  • Ron Brown
  • James Bunch
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Eric Butera
  • Berta Caceres
  • Danny Casolaro
  • William Colby
  • Suzanne Coleman
  • Gregory Collins
  • Keith Coney
  • John Crawford
  • William Densberger
  • Steve Dickson
  • David Drye
  • Daniel Dutko
  • Klaus Eberwein
  • Dennis Eisman
  • Emory Evans
  • Kathy Ferguson
  • Vince Foster
  • Eric S. Fox
  • Hershell Friday
  • Duane Garrett
  • Carlos Ghigliotti
  • Judi Gibbs
  • Aaron Goodrich
  • Larry Guerrin
  • Brian Hanley
  • Michael Hastings
  • Stanley Heard
  • Don Henry
  • Lance Herndon
  • John Hillyer
  • Stanley Huggins
  • Kevin Ives
  • Niko Jerkuic
  • Gary Johnson
  • John Jones
  • John F. Kennedy Jr
  • Robert Kelly
  • Shelly Kelly
  • Jordan Kettleson
  • Alan Krueger
  • Johnny Lawhorn Jr.
  • Conway LeBleu
  • Shawn Lucas
  • Todd Madison
  • Mary Caitrin Mahoney
  • Florence Martin
  • Todd McKeehan
  • Keith McMaskle
  • Charles Meissner
  • James Milam
  • Charles Wilbourne Miller
  • Ron Miller
  • Carolyn Moffet
  • Jenny Moore
  • Paul Olson
  • Jerry Luther Parks
  • Job W. Price
  • Montgomery Raiser
  • Victor Raiser
  • Scott J. Reynolds
  • Jeff Rhodes
  • Gary Rhodes
  • Seth Rich (1989–2016)
  • William Robertson
  • Ronald Rogers
  • Tim Sabel
  • Captain Schic
  • Barry Seal
  • Bill Shelton
  • Peter W. Smith
  • Ian Spiro
  • Alan Standorf
  • Roger Stone (made the extremely dubious claim that he was poisoned by Polonium[12])
  • Victor Thorn
  • Paul Tulley
  • Jon Parnell Walker
  • Calvin Walraven
  • Russell Welch
  • Paul Wilcher
  • Jim Wilhite
  • Ed Willey
  • Gareth Williams
  • Robert Williams
  • Steve Willis
  • John Augustus Wilson
  • Richard Winters
  • Barbara Alice Wise
  • Terrance Yeakey
  • 5 random Navy aviators
  • 34 random Air Force personnel
  • And many more!

The high "body count" is used both to make the conspiracy sound more impressive, and by continually adding new "victims", to keep it going over a long period.

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