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Ron Paul, Don Black, and Frank Miller son Derek Black in New River, Florida.
A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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First as tragedy
Then as farce
Hitler, of course, has been demonized because he lost.
—Don Black[1]

Stephen Donald Black, best known as simply Don Black (1953–), is a prominent white supremacist with a hilariously ironic last name, founder, and führer of Stormfront, and former high-ranking Ku Klux Klan member.[2]


Black first got started in the white power movement in high school, when he began to pass out racist newspapers and fliers which resulted in the high school banning all political publications.[3] This is why we can't have nice things.

Black travelled to Georgia to help the gubernatorial campaign of segregationist J.B. Stoner.[note 1] Jerry Ray, brother of Martin Luther King's assassin, James Earl Ray, shot 16-year old Black with a .38 revolver after he caught Black stealing files from Stoner's office.[4]

Black then moved to Birmingham, Alabama and joined the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and slowly worked his way up the ranks until he was elected Grand Wizard of the local D&D club the KKK in 1978, following the resignation of David Duke.

Four years later, in 1981, Black and nine other men, all with neo-Nazi ties or sympathies, tried to overthrow the 300-square-mile Caribbean island of Dominica in what was known as Operation Red Dog. The group was arrested as they were loading firearms and explosives into the boat they planned to sail to Dominica with.[5] The plot, which Black alleges was to establish an anti-Communist government on the predominately black island, included installing ex-Dominican Prime Minister Patrick John. While in prison, he began to learn computer programming, which would eventually lead to the creation of StormFront. Black was released from prison in 1984 and resigned from the KKK three years later.

He donated $500 to Ron Paul's election fund.[6] Who did Donny endorse in 2016? Why, Donald J. Trump, of course![1]

Those closest cut deepest[edit]

Derek Black is actually a good person who dug himself out of the pit of ignorance and left white nationalism.[7] Last we heard, his dad won't speak to him. It's doubtful Ron Paul will, either:

It is an advocacy that I cannot support, having grown past my bubble, talked to the people I affected, read more widely, and realized the necessary impact my actions had on people I never wanted to harm. Most arguments that racial equity programs disadvantage whites...mask underlying anxieties about the growth of non-white social status. It is impossible to argue rationally that in our society, with its overwhelming disparity between white power and that of everyone else, racial equity programs intended to affect the deep-rooted situation represent oppression of whites.
—Derek Black[8]

UK reaction[edit]

Black, along with David Duke and Fred Phelps, was one of twenty-two people banned from entering the United Kingdom "for fostering extremism or hatred."[9] As a webmaster, Black ought to be familiar with a banhammer by now.


  1. Stoner once described Hitler as "too moderate". So... yeah.


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