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If your wife or girlfriend doesn't give you blowjobs you're essentially a cuqqold. Some of you MAMZERS need to be told this.
—Bronze Age Pervert[1]
Ray Peat is a warrior against the ZOGGification of our bodies. EDUCATE URSELF!
—Bronze Age Pervert pseudoscience promoter[2]
Costin Alamariu in 2023
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Costin Vlad Alamariu (May 21, 1980–)[3] is a Jewish-Romanian-American nudist, self-described anti-xenoestrogen activist, homophobe and misogynistic anti-semite popularly known for his far-right internet personality, Bronze Age Pervert or BAP.[4][5] On his Twitter account, Alamariu has sexually harassed female journalists by posting images of nude men and asking them if they want to be impregnated.[6]

Under the BAP pseudonym, Alamariu has operated many well-known fascist, misogynistic, racist, and transphobic Twitter accounts since 2013. He published the book Bronze Age Mindset (2018) and has hosted a podcast named Caribbean Rhythms since 2019. Obsessed with masculinity, Alamariu describes himself as an "aspiring nudist bodybuilder" and a "free speech and anti-xenoestrogen activist".[7] Alamariu believes women should be reduced to a breeding stock and that men should eat red meat and dominate society.[5][7][8][9]

A 2022 paper on ecofascism described BAP as "unmistakably fascistoid".[10] The Global Network on Extremism and Technology have noted that "BAP is fixated on the aesthetics of the male human body and presents images that worship the “natural beauty of man”, which he deems to have been buried by the modern 'trash' world".[11] By "trash" he means feminism, soy and seed oils which he mistakenly believes causes masculine decline.[8][12]

Alamariu is a promoter of Ray Peat's pseudoscientific dietary advice.[13] Despite criticizing vegans for consuming seed oils and soy, he admitted in August 2023 on his podcast to ordering McDonald's cheese-burgers such as the Quarter Pounder.[14] He appears to be unaware that these burgers contain canola and soybean oil.[15] Alamariu also spends his time on social media talking about blowjobs, cuckoldry and ejaculation.

On Twitter, Alamariu operates his Bronze Age Pervert persona but since his identity was revealed he also uses another account under his real name. The latter only had a few thousand followers but has gained more than 20,000 over the course of September 2023.[16] His recent dietary advice involves promoting lambs brain cooked in butter.[17]

Personal life[edit]

Costin Vlad Alamariu was born on May 21, 1980 in Bucharest, Romania. His parents are Bernard "Andrei" and Aurelia Alamariu.[18] Alamariu and his family immigrated to the United States in 1990[19] and settled in Newton, Massachusetts. There, he attended Newton South High School and graduated in 1998.[20] Bernard Alamariu is a retired electrical research engineer who worked at MIT.[21] Costin's brother, Dan Alamariu, has worked alongside Ian Bremmer, for the Eurasia Group.[22]

Costin's high school yearbook senior photo

Alamariu is ethnically half-Jewish through is father.[23]

As a bodybuilder, Alamariu says he uses bulk supplements and smokes 2 or 3 cigarettes a week.[24][25] He is a Donald Trump supporter.[26]

Academic career[edit]

Alamariu obtained a bachelor's degree in mathematics from MIT, was a philosophy graduate student at Columbia University, and completed a PhD in political science from Yale University.[27][28]

Columbia Unbecoming[edit]

While a student at Columbia, Alamariu wrote an article for the student newspaper, the Columbia Daily Spectator, titled "The Hypocrisy of Academic Freedom".[29] The article was a response to the Columbia Unbecoming controversy, in which pro-Israel students and activist groups, targeted three pro-Palestinian professors for being biased against Israel. Around the time of the controversy and publication of Alamariu's article, Columbia's undergraduate student body was a quarter Jewish.[30] In his article, Alamariu took the side of the pro-Israel activists and criticized the pro-Palestinian professors. In the article, Alamariu called "Palestinian identity" fictitious and claimed that pro-Palestinian activists were "obsessed with the small state of Israel". Students that studied alongside Alamariu at Columbia, remember him wearing Israel Defence Force shirts on campus.[31]


Alamariu's Yale dissertation is titled The Problem of Tyranny and Philosophy in the Political Thought of Friedrich Nietzsche.[32] Alamariu's thesis advisor was Steven B. Smith, an expert on Leo Strauss. Under "Acknowledgements", Alamariu calls former IDF soldier and JINSA board member, David Sidorsky, an "early mentor".

The "Acknowledgments" section of Costin Alamariu's dissertation

Selective Breeding and the Birth of Philosophy[edit]

In September 2023, Alamariu self-published a version of his Yale doctoral dissertation on political theory, titled Selective Breeding and the Birth of Philosophy which supports eugenics. It has been positively reviewed by alt-right commentators and white nationalists such as Richard Hanania who described it as "a mythos for the non-Christian right".[33]

A description of the book notes that Alamariu "proposes strict control over human 'breeding' on the facetious grounds that it's necessary for the betterment of humanity, which he mostly understands in extremely racist terms".[34]

The book has been reviewed by Quillette.[35]

Bronze Age Mindset[edit]

Alamariu self-published Bronze Age Mindset in 2018. The book contains misogynist racist hogwash:[8]

Misogyny is woven throughout the book. In one passage he declares that “the ‘liberation’ of women makes democracy into a terminal disease […] one that doesn’t just end a particular government, but the civilization.” In later passages of Bronze Age Mindset, the hatred is for migrants: “dwarf-like zombies are imported for slave labor and political agitation from the fly-swept latrines of the world.” According to such visions, a chosen few are conferred the right to fight against this mediocre ugliness — a form of violence justified by and rooted in a particular image of nature.

The book has been promoted by online subcultures of the far right and Donald Trump supporters.[8] It has been described as an "alt-right manifesto".[36]

Claremont Institute review[edit]

In the summer of 2019, Michael Anton, a then-former assistant to President Trump, reviewed BAM in the Claremont Review of Books.[37] The Claremont Institute is neoconservative think tank founded by students of Straussian academic, Harry Jaffa. Anton's review was mostly affable to the book and made very tepid arguments against BAP's fascist ideas. Most of the review was taken up by Anton's astonishment at how well the book was selling on Amazon. Anton noted how seemingly "tapped-in" BAP was with the youth, despite the fact that BAP is a 43-year-old failed intellectual.

In addition to the favourable review by Anton, Alamariu has a few more ties to Claremont. Harry Jaffa, whose students founded Claremont, was a student under Leo Strauss. Alamariu's dissertation was on Leo Strauss' political philosophy.[38] His first live interview was with Jack Murphy (a.k.a. John Goldman).[39][40] Jack Murphy was a 2021 Lincoln Fellow for the Claremont Institute.[41] Like Alamariu, Jack Murphy preaches open misogyny under the guise of pick-up artistry and other tired manosphere talking points, like a return to hyper-masculinity. Murphy was outed as a cuckold, who made amateur cuckold porn with his wife.[42]

2021 Denver mass shooting[edit]

On December 17, 2021, Lyndon McLeod, aka ‘Roman McClay’, killed 5 people after carrying out shooting in six locations around Denver, Colorado. McLeod was an avid fan of BAP and interacted with BAP's Twitter account many times.[43] He described Bronze Age Mindset as being a "great book".[44] McLeod was interviewed by British rapper and popular right-wing Twitter personality, Zuby.[45]

Caribbean Rhythms[edit]

Curtis Yarvin (a.k.a. Mencius Moldbug)[edit]

In episode 89 of Caribbean Rhythms, titled "Modldbug on Cold War and Glowies", Alamariu hosted author and Peter Thiel gimp, Curtis Yarvin.[46] Yarvin is a Neoreactionary fascist and racist funded by billionaire Peter Thiel.[47]

Yarvin is Jewish.[48]

Edward Luttwak[edit]

In episode 110 of Caribbean Rhythms, titled "Ice Cream in Palermo", Alamariu hosted author and neoconservative thinker Edward Luttwak.[49] Like Alamariu, Luttwak was born in Romania to a Jewish family. While living in London in the 1960s, Luttwak lived with prominent neoconservative operative, Richard Perle. Luttwak would then move to Israel to volunteer for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) between 1967 and 1972. In the 1980s, Luttwak was a security consultant to President Reagan.

Luttwak is Jewish.[50] Alamariu and Luttwak are both Romanian-Jewish immigrants to America.

Dietary advice[edit]

A typical meal for Bronze Age Pervert

Ray Peat[edit]

When I stayed in Iceland I turn to an animal state of eating meat with hands, just with salt and some berry. I not saying this to vaunt but it was convenient I was alone in middle of nowhere. I also go nude (hot volcanic tub help stay warm for long time). Egrils send snapchat
—Bronze Age Pervert[51]

On his social media accounts, Alamariu attacks vegan and vegetarian diets and promotes an animal-based diet rich in red meat and eggs.[7][11][12] He has been described as "peddl[ing] pseudo-Nietzschean lost masculinity myths and meat-centric dietary advice to the extreme right".[9] He has spent years promoting Ray Peat's pseudoscientific dietary advice.[52][53]

You must abandon your way and follow Ray Peat instead, he has the truth.[54]

Coconut oil is the best. Google "Ray Peat coconut oil" for all the benefits, I've poasted on it before.[53]

Pls stay away from seed oils! Mangan is right on this. Ray Peat says almost all diseases of modernity caused by PUFA, not sugar.[55]

Intestinal infection or endotoxin poisoning. Use Ray Peat carrot salad/other remedies.[56]

As an "anti-xenoestrogen activist" he campaigns against foods believed to produce estrogen.[11] However, most of what he says about nutrition does not make sense as he promotes raw dairy which contains estrogen.[57] Alamariu is sometimes cited as a raw meat advocate, however, he only consumes raw meat occasionally. Most of the meat dishes he promotes on his social media are cooked such as well done steak, boiled beef and mutton.[58][59][60]

Having being duped by Ray Peat, he argues that polyunsaturated fatty acids are toxic to the body.[61] In reality, clinical trials have shown that polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) improve blood lipids and reduce incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD).[62][63][64][65][66]

A believer in extraterrestrials[67], Alamariu has described Peat as a "man of high vision and possibly alien blood".[68]

Alamariu visits plenty of restaurants and claims he has become violent if the food is not cooked properly.[69] His recent dietary advice (as of August 2023) on Twitter is telling people to consume Peruvian anticuchoWikipedia, Yankee pot roast, clam chowderWikipedia, oysters and champagne.[70][71][72] He also promotes lambs brain cooked in butter.[17] However, some of this may be trolling as he has admitted to ordering McDonald's (see below).


In August 2023, Alamariu admitted on episode 143 of Caribbean Rhythms that he prefers to order McDonald's cheese-burgers from Uber Eats:

I like some McDonald's ok? I prefer double cheese-burger and a single Quarter Pounder because it has the right cheese ratio where if you order double Quarter Pounder there is often not enough cheese.[14]

McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese contains canola and soybean oil, the cheese also contains soy lecithin.[15] Alamariu criticizes people (especially vegans) for consuming soy and seed oils on his social media, but is clearly ignorant about his own dietary choices. He has described canola and soybean oil as "very damaging".[73] The fact that he hasn't been transformed into an effeminate liberal by his dietary choices is clearly evidence against his claims regarding the dangers of soy.


Alamariu promotes alcohol consumption:

My favorite thing is to walk around the city during the day completely plastered, on very crowded streets or on boardwalk by sea or river, with container maybe it looks like iced tea or water but is full of alcohol. At night I don’t enjoy as much, but during the day to walk around in a state of great enthusiasm and energy powered by liquor or, best of all, some kind of wine that energizes you to a great and holy rage.[74]

He also prefers to drink alcohol with his evening meal.[75] Alcohol consumption increases estrogren but Alamariu does not mention this.[76][77][78]

Extreme beliefs[edit]

Bronze Age Pervert's Twitter profile image


Alamariu has been banned on Twitter many times for posting hate speech and racism. He created his second account in March 2017 which he described as a strike back against ZOG.[79] A few days after creating his second account he requested Nazis to send him half-nude images of themselves so he could establish a dating website for older women.[80]

He has a long history of antisemitism as Hope Not Hate noted in a 2021 report:

There is real extremism beneath BAP’s thinly coded statements; HOPE not hate has uncovered posts from his original Twitter account, deleted in 2017, in which he wrote: “for a kike faggot it must be inconceivable to forsake profit for honor”, and “Why would it be a surprise that a Jewish usurer supports fag “marriage”? He also wrote: “If you copulate with seductive Jewess, choose #Shephardic; Reform Ashkenazi whores are filthy”.[5]

You 2 months from now: clobbered in the head by ZOG employer, Jewish yellow lights, sassy virago waifu handjob Me soon: exploring Amazon...
—Bronze Age Pervert[81]

This is deeply ironic considering Alamariu is of partial Jewish descent.[82] In October 2023, Alamariu described himself as "antisemitic and not poor" in a Tweet to his friend Richard Hanania.[83]


I can't name any civilizations that survived racial mixing.
—Bronze Age Pervert[84]
Aryans from "Children of the Sun" free love Lebensborn commune in North California 2021. Misbegotten goblin POC and Semite-Pakis h8 dis.
—Bronze Age Pervert[85]

Alamariu refers to non-white regions as a "turd world" and their residents as "shit". He has also fantasized about rebreeding "the original Aryan race, or as close an approximation as possible, through some kind of a Platonic Lebensborn program."[86]

Sexual posts[edit]

Bronze Age Pervert sexually harassing female journalists on Twitter in 2018
My sexual superiority needs to be widely recognized, I will work to bring this message.
—Bronze Age Pervert[87]

Alamariu is fascinated with blowjobs, cuckoldry, and ejaculation and spends a lot of time on social media talking about them:

Question that I've been pondering for over 10 years; I can make myself ejaculate purely by WILL without any physical stimulation, purely from mental concentration. Is it then also possible to make yourself die, again without any physical measures but purely by FOCUS.[88]

I want to promote cuckoldry and exo-impregnation among the SWPL globocorp "elite." If e.g. Chelsea got doubleteamed and impregnated by 2 Med bodybuilders it would be better than the ghoulish thing that comes out of union with her husband.[89]

Alamariu has sexually harassed female journalists such as Elizabeth BruenigWikipedia and Olivia NuzziWikipedia on his Twitter account by posting images of nude men and asking if they want to be impregnated:

I want to poast such things for powerful w*M*n journalists who may take inspiration and become in awe

I ask how do you feel @ebruenig and @Olivianuzzi ? Do you want to be impregnate by him.[6]

The above Tweet was removed by Twitter in 2018 but was archived.[6]

Because Alamariu has written a lot of offensive things on his social media accounts he posted in 2019 "anonymity should be mandatory on the internet".[90]

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