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Computer addiction is an umbrella term for a number of alleged behavioral addictions regarding computer and internet usage, pornography usage, and playing video games. The existence of computer addiction is disputed within the scientific community due to a lack of evidence. DSM-V, the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, lists "internet gaming disorder" as a "Condition for Further Study,"[1], but "internet addiction" is not listed at all.[2] In 2019, the World Health Organization officially recognized "gaming disorder" as a medical addiction.[3]

Addiction itself[edit]

The American Psychiatric Association defines "addiction" as, "a brain disease that is manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequence."[4] Traditionally, addiction is associated with substances, such as drugs and alcohol, and not behaviors; gambling disorder is the only behavioral addiction recognized by DSM-V and the APA.[5][6] However, the concept of computer addiction and its various types has been a common theme in the media for years.[please explain]

While addiction is considered a psychological disorder, its diagnosis is based on biology.


While "computer addiction" on its own refers to some kind of addiction to computer usage, it is more helpful to look at it as a whole category of alleged addictions.


Perhaps the most commonly cited type of computer addiction, internet addiction is considered an addiction to the use of the internet.

Social media[edit]


Many have suggested that pornography is addictive. The evidence for this is scarce; most research indicates that pornography is non-addictive.[citation needed] However, that doesn't stop groups like NoFap from convincing you that you have a porno problem.

Video games[edit]


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