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Dulce base is a supposedly super secret underground base near the town of Dulce, New Mexico where aliens hang out and conspire to subjugate the human race.

Alien plot[edit]

According to the folks at reptoids.com (who believe that aliens are intelligent reptilians evolved from dinosaurs) Dulce is only one of the many underground lairs the evil race of lizard people use to orchestrate evil genetic experiments on humans.[1] It's not like we didn't try to fight back. Supposedly a huge underground gun battle took place at Dulce between aliens and the US military. But the aliens managed to win because they had advanced ray guns. What's worse is that the reptoids are in cahoots with the grey aliens who naturally are committed to their own secret plots against the human race. We know this because secret interviews with supposed former base employees just before they died have now been published on Internet web pages.[2]

The Dulce base story was apparently invented by Paul Bennewitz, an Albuquerque, New Mexico electronics buff who became convinced that evil aliens were secretly manipulating humans using electromagnetic mind control waves. Bennewitz monitored radio communications from nearby Sandia National Laboratories on his scanner and interpreted what he heard as aliens in the process of landing their spacecraft.[3] As details of the plot were "revealed" to him - such as humans controlled by alien implants, government disinformation campaigns, connections to cattle mutilations, a broken treaty between the US and the aliens, and so much more - Bennewitz became increasingly unstable and eventually went completely mad.[4][5] Wouldn't you?

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