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Q: There is so much disinformation you just don't know who to believe... I mean, how do we know we can believe you? There are so many sources out there deceiving and they do it so cleverly. Look at the Bible... for 2,000 years people have been believing that...

A: They deceive when you allow it.

—Laura and the Cassiopaeans in October 16, 1994 channeling

Laura Knight-Jadczyk (hereafter referred to as LKJ) is a batshit insane blogger, pseudohistorian and general crank, and self-styled "scientific mystic and PaleoChristian Shaman." Her interests have varied over the years of Cassiopaea channeling and inspired research. Her online following has an inner circle in the form of a cult religion.

On the surface, it may seem like LKJ never met a piece of pseudoscience she didn't like. In earlier years, she often played the role of left-wing moonbat par excellence, while in later years that excellence of hers has gradually been shifting towards alt-right wingnuttery, her online following tagging along for the journey. Whatever the area of conspiracy or spirituality or fringe thought in general, LKJ tends to keep herself and her community in the role of a uniquely valuable lone "lighthouse" shining a light into a world of darkness, through the simple strategy of always having their own incompatible take on polarizing ideas of the day. On zooming out and looking more soberly at the whole, she begins to look like Gene Ray with slightly better writing skills – and far greater manipulative cunning.


Q (L): Who or what are the Men in Black?
A: Lizard Projections.[note 1]

Cassiopaeans are apparently some sort of psychic aliens that communicate with humans via, of course, channeling.[1] They may or may not be planning on eating us, it isn't very clear.[2]

The great threat[edit]

Regardless of whether the Cassiopaeans want to eat you, there are others who certainly do. Going by the first published Cassiopaean session, the evil aliens working with the secret government[note 2] had consumed 94% of humanity around the year 2007!

July 16, 1994 F**, Laura and S**
Q: (L) 94 per cent of what?
A: Of all population.
Q: (L) What do you mean?
A: All are containers; 94 per cent will be used.
Q: (L) Used for what?
A: Consumption.
Q: (L) You mean eaten?
A: Total consumption.
Q: (L) What do you mean by consumption? Ingested?
A: Consumed for ingredients.
Q: (L) Ingredients for what?
A: New race. Important. 13 years approximately when project will be finished.
Q: (L) Why are humans consumed?
A: They are used for parts.
Q: (L) We don't understand. How can humans be used for parts?
A: Reprototype. The Vats exist. Missing persons often go there and especially missing children.

Of course, predictions are unpredictable, and time frames and details and metaphorical re-interpretations at a later date always extend elastically to whatever extent is necessary to rationalize that the channeling does not contain any failed predictions.

As the channeled source likes to repeat, "Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers." Apparently, the information it offers magically protects against all the terrible things it tells you about, even when there is no possibility of acting concretely on the information.[note 3] However, it isn't clear just how much more "knowledge" of this kind is needed to become truly safe.

Q: (L) What can protect us?
A: Knowledge.
Q: (L) How do we get this knowledge?
A: You are being given it through this source now.
A: Just knowing about it gives psychic defense.

Doing the research to follow up on the channeled clues, synchronicities, and cognitive biases, and so develop the knowledge they don't want people to have, LKJ and others working closely with her appear to have spiraled into escalating paranoia over the years. After roughly a decade, and following an extended online battle with vicious trolls, LKJ developed an us vs. them worldview so insular that her imaginings about the nature and motivations of others made it difficult for her to get along with other explorers of fringe topics[3]. By 2003, a staunch doctrine of judging detractors – or those who disagree with the groupthink-based consensus – evil or defective had been developed[4]. Three years later, the Cassiopaea forum was launched.

The entrance to the great rabbit hole of Cassiopaean psycho-spirituality looks a little like this...

Q: Did aliens do anything to create emotional turmoil here?

A: They always do.[note 4]

Organic portals[edit]

Organic portals are a lower spiritual caste. Apparently soulless and making up roughly half of the world population, they are "people whose abilities of imitation are so developed, so much an integral part of who they are, that they can only be discovered after years of observation. The psychopath is the failed organic portal."[5] What this means for the billions of organic portals who are not psychopaths isn't really clear, beyond the claim that they have in common with psychopaths a lack of something "deeper" to their nature which they only "imitate".

The two spiritual races are also referred to as "pre-adamic" (organic portals) vs. "adamic" (individually souled) humanity. Nearly identical physically, both kinds may be born in the same families, and great spiritual discernment – such as that of LKJ – is generally the only way to tell them apart.

The early Cassiopaean channeling uses the word "portal" differently, describing "portals of attack" through which bad things can descend down into our reality from evil forces above in the absence of vigilance. While in 1996 the Cassiopaeans reject the idea of people being portals, LKJ changed her mind in 2002, combining Boris Mouravieff's idea of "pre-adamics" with the old idea of "portals"[6]. LKJ's version is more grim than Mouravieff's, as organic portals are energy drains and tools of evil 4D aliens[note 5].

People are not portals!!! They are only victims of the things that come through the portals. Otherwise, many could describe you as a "portal." [...] When you concentrate on the people as portals, you falsely direct negative energy upon the soul units themselves. Rather like treating acne with the therapy to be found in a shotgun!
—Laura's Cassiopaeans disagreeing with her in April 28, 1996 channeling

Soul smashing[edit]

The idea of "soul smashing" was established in the channeling session on September 13th, 2009[7]. Supposedly, souls that have spent millions or billions of years living mineral, animal, and eventually human lives, gradually growing a human-sized consciousness that survives between incarnations, can through the horrors of modern human life – somehow way worse than all before it – easily be smashed and reduced to the bare bottom-level of inanimate matter, so that the whole soul-evolution process must begin from scratch again.

It is not just "waves" beamed by such things as HAARP or microwaves, it is also a quickening of the cosmos. Those who are not integrated will disintegrate at an even faster rate than ever.
—Cassiopaeans a bit earlier, on June 20th, 2009, predicting hell degeneration and madness for those who don't have their spiritual stuff in order

All it takes is for the traps designed by sinister forces to push souls into making bad choices, repeatedly, and the souls will become more and more tortured and twisted until they go poof, in the ultimate tragedy.

Conscious and repressed burdens of negative emotions thus change from being a mere health concern, to being a grave existential threat. As the great cosmic opening-up unfolds, is your psyche sturdy enough to survive, or does your soul need the help of a cult to escape ultimate doom? If the cult option begins to seem like something to consider, then it just so happens that the "solution" was developed around the same time: what became the Éiriú Eolas breathing and meditation program was discussed during the June 20th, 2009 channeling[8].

The great salvation[edit]

Over the years, LKJ has increasingly come to see the signs and symbols of the present and past as all pointing in the direction of the specialness of herself and the Cassiopaeans. In 2011, she openly embraced the idea that she is a pillar upon which the fate of the whole world rests; where other people easily end up dead as soon as the powers that be dislike them enough, LKJ is so important that even the worst of villains can't kill her, because that would be the end of the entire planet. Literally.

Session Date: June 11th 2011[9]
Laura, Ark, Belibaste, Perceval, Andromeda, Ailen, PoB, Galaxia (AKA Galatea), Burma Jones, Ottershrew, Psyche, Mr. Scott
Q: (L) Well, why don't they just bump us off if we're such a pain in the whatever?
A: They can't.
Q: (L) Why?
A: We cannot tell you that as it would interfere with mission.
Q: (Galaxia) Why would it interfere with the mission?
A: If you know why you will anticipate and possibly make mistakes fatal to yourself. Let us just say that "they" know that harm to you would result in their own total destruction along a more negative timeline.
Q: (L) Well, if my death would bring about their destruction, then maybe it would be a good idea for me to check out, right? Well, isn't that what we want? (Belibaste) Why would it lead to their destruction?
A: Again, we cannot tell you all. But know that there is no chance for a positive outcome for Earth and the future without the presence.
Q: (L) So, there's no chance for a positive outcome without me, and yet my death would ensure their total destruction.
A: And all else!
Q: (Perceval) Maybe it's got something to do with balance, ya know? The universe wanting balance. There's a higher power in the universe that allows things to play out as long as there's some kind of balance. But if you weren't here, then this world would be a completely dark, negative star, and there'd be some mechanism that would destroy it and everything associated with it.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) That's really depressing though to think that we ARE the only balancing energy... out of 7 billion people on the planet?! (Perceval) The only reason that the whole thing hasn't already gone up in smoke is because some few people are making an effort. It's rather magnanimous of the universe to consider such a small group of people. (L) How did we get off on this topic? (Galaxia) Oh, so that's why we all feel so bad: because we're being HAARPed. (L) Oh yeah! So is that what's behind our various negative experiences of late that's been kind of rotating around the house like some kind of bug being passed around?
A: Yes.
Q: (Galaxia) Is that why we were all vomiting? (Perceval) And other things?
A: Yes.

The occasional HAARPing leading to headaches, nausea, vomiting, and more aside, LKJ's team has continued to make it against all the odds year after year, while the world grows darker and darker.

But how does LKJ help humanity, exactly? By shining a light into the darkness of ignorance and selfishness. This includes teaching objectivity, her teaching redefining and overextending the word to such an extent that the meaning of it can change from paragraph to paragraph. The effort to teach a few persons who are not entirely hopeless to grow in knowledge and being, and to transcend the enormous self-importance that people other than LKJ tend to be afflicted with, used to have something to do with the Fourth Way of George Gurdjieff, along with the Cassiopaeans being from the future. Or a future. Or, once upon a time, with their being from another star[10]. Times change. After more than a decade of being the greatest Fourth Way teacher in the world, LKJ came to firmly reject Gurdjieff, knowing far better than to draw upon his primitive cosmology[11].

Receivership capability[edit]

The potential for human learning, extraordinary growth of consciousness, and resulting supernatural capabilities, is described as a matter of "receivership capability". That to be received is, roughly, knowledge or true information.[note 3] The capability has also become tied to energy centers or chakras, as well as conscience and thus goodness. The term first appeared in the channeling session of September 23, 2000, and the idea was then elaborated upon over time.[12]

In connection with fundraising and launching of products like Éiriú Eolas, the idea of receivership capability has been mentioned alongside the idea that people don't get something for nothing – meaning that they should buy or donate if they want to get something out of LKJ's work.[13]

Like related Cassiopaean ideas about consciousness and its power, it's very vague, and interpretations evolve with the community groupthink. Such ideas are part of the fabric of the worldview of the community, tied to positive descriptions of how the community is more conscious than the rest on the world, and a shining light where the norm is darkness. Adopting the frame of mind LKJ wants people to have is closely tied to good development, as when in early 2018 the Cassiopaeans recommended reading the books she mentioned, so as to build receivership capability.[14]

Message and research activities[edit]

LKJ's message has evolved over the years of Cassiopaean channeling. Early on, the focus was a variation on New Age themes, including ascension, with an extra dose of conspiratorial fire. She then branched out into covering politics in a bigger way with her Sott website, describing the degeneration of the world towards the end times state of "as it were in the days of Noah". The language used for the spiritual message has shifted over the years, as LKJ has developed her own pseudoscientific style while trying to set herself apart from the New Age norm.

Describing a world worse and worse year after year, and herself at odds with an ever-increasing worldwide promulgation of lies, her positions have become more and more aligned with authoritarian leaders and movements supporting them. It seems plausible that she seeks to gradually maximize the contrast in beliefs between her following and the world outside, so as to keep them on her side of an ever-growing barrier of cognitive dissonance.

For the good of humanity, or so the vague phrasings would indicate, the Quantum Future Group[15] engages in the research of the Cassiopaea community, in large part a vast aggregating of information and biased use thereof, and also runs the propaganda platform Other aspects of it all are handled by the religious organization.

Early New Age and conspiracy focus[edit]

LKJ is notable for her role in purveying Comet Elenin and Planet X/Nibiru woo, alongside other topics like free energy[16], Mossad conspiracies[17], the 9/11 truth movement[18][19], the Denver Airport conspiracy theory[20], the New World Order[21], Earth changes[22], alien abduction, and HAARP[23].

Her main spiritual synthesis is a book series called The Wave, in part about souls, the 2012 apocalypse (which failed to appear), and earth changes.[24] It is also about aliens, conspiracies, mind control, alternative history, and her life story, all mixed up with the kind of general encyclopedic information on topics which can nowadays be found on Wikipedia.

Also corresponding to the early focus is the section of her website about The Grail Quest And The Destiny Of Man, which appears to be about finding the Holy Grail, in terms of a New Age interpretation of alchemy, dreams, Christianity, and more.[25] But the corny language once used on earlier versions of the website to go a step further and promote her Quantum Future School of Ascension[26] is long gone, though the spiritual hype lives on.

Welcome to Cassiopaea, the website of Arkadiusz Jadczyk and Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

Here you will find the results of our research into the nature of reality – the Matrix – what is the Matrix – which includes articles on future science, quantum physics, quantum theory, conspiracy theory, government conspiracy, the JFK conspiracy, 9-11 conspiracy, moon landing conspiracy, aliens, ufo, alien abduction, alien vs predator, alien picture, alien sex, alien ufo, history, ancient wisdom, ancient mystery, genealogy, mythology, secret society, illuminati, the holy grail, alchemy, the ark, channeling, the Bible, sufism, Castaneda, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, fourth way, Mouravieff and Nostradamus – to mention just a few highlights.

—Older Cassiopaea website in 2003[26]


Specifically, people who think a lot about conspiracies and aliens.

The alternative fake news website, (or Signs of the Times, "The world for the people who think") aggregates stories from many sources (and sometimes "truthifies" them by adding biased comments), along with making some articles and videos of their own, and running Sott online radio shows.

Classic old themes include left-wing politics[27], climate denial combined with The Day After Tomorrow[28] (and further scaremongering[29])[note 6], a pro-smoking stance, and the psychopaths governing the world[30]. Not to mention the horrible gauntlet of peer review and corporate science obscuring Truth.[31] has gradually swung towards the alt-right over the years, including support for leaders like Putin, Gaddafi, Assad, and eventually Trump.

Psychopaths and ponerology[edit]

LKJ and her community have some rather odd beliefs concerning psychopaths: apparently they control every nation on earth via dominant personalities.[32][33] After editing and publishing a dense book written by a Soviet professor who fled with ideas that he claimed could have gotten him killed[34][35], she brutalized and appropriated his ideas for the furthering of her paranoid worldview and psychological control over her followers, instead of furthering what the author had expressed hope for, which was for more actual research to be done in the future. The original author never claimed that 6% of humanity are psychopaths[note 7].

Greenbaum satanic mind control[edit]

LKJ believes in satanic ritual abuse related to MKULTRA and shadowy parts of the military-industrial complex along with intelligence agencies[note 2]. Providing a copy of D. Corydon Hammond's influential "Greenbaum Speech"[36], which makes claims of mind-control programming on kidnapped people, such "greenbauming" has often been used by LKJ and the Sott team over the years to explain shootings and "manufactured" terror attacks.

In May 2020, LKJ's channeling added Bill Gates to the list of the greenbaumed, this being the explanation for his role as "a maniacal world-saver through vaccines" in response to an artificial COVID-19 pandemic. "He does not realize how expendable he is," the channeled source claims.[37]

Left-wing threat to the true Semites[edit]

The pathologizing of ideas by the Cassiopaea community shifts and grows over time. Associating the relativizing of fact and reality with psychopathy and related pathologies[38], LKJ has over a period of years hardened the categories in condemning postmodernism along with solipsism, largely treating the two as the same thing, and furthermore coming to view modern identity politics and "leftism" in general as both a threat and a radical rejection of reality. But at the same time, right-wing alternative facts and those promoting them have ended up somehow not being pathological, and instead representing the hope of the future.

By early 2018, conservatism became associated with spiritually superior souls, in the form of the "race" which constitutes the "real" (and mostly non-Jewish) Semites – they can be any persons so judged by the spiritual authority of the Cassiopaea community, yet at the same time, this "race" is through mental gymnastics conflated with the Semites that Hitler tried to remove from the planet[14] (which he did in order to please his overlords). The left-wing politics of the modern age are seen as advancing a vague looming threat of annihilation akin to the holocaust. These ideas build upon earlier Cassiopaean channeling saying that events in the future will unfold towards a repeating of history that will entail far worse than what the historical Nazis brought about.

Surrounding the 2020 U.S. presidential election, LKJ and the community rooted for Trump, the Cassiopaeans twice predicting he would probably win, the second time claiming that if Trump wins, chaos planned in large part by his enemies would push him and lead to martial law[39]. When Biden won and the 2021 U.S. Capitol riot came and went, LKJ concluded that "clearly Trump didn't have the courage to do anything big and bold. Now the Deep State is in power via Biden and... Camel Harris."[40] Together with this, there is the belief that Trump's attempt to present his "convincing evidence" for election fraud had been successfully thwarted by the Deep State. Further, with the Deep State back in power, its fear of losing control will lead to chaos. The actions of the Biden administration are compared to the Star Wars empire striking back[41].


See the main article on this topic: 2019-20 COVID-19 outbreak

From the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, LKJ described the unfolding world events in terms of an insane barrage of lies, even her truthy idol Putin and his Russia joining the worldwide gang of fabricators.[37][note 8] Fortunately, a large portion of the masses see through it all; for example, in October 2020, 62% of the French population knew better than the official story[39], according to the statistics we should believe given the verity of the Cassiopaean issuer.

The masks people are told to wear to limit the spread of the coronavirus cause brain damage, impair intelligence, and harm general health, according to the Cassiopaeans.[42] Supposedly, it all happens because they limit oxygen intake. This explains the stupidity of mainstream doctors who disagree with LKJ et al on the nature of the pandemic and how to respond to it.

The virus did not appear first in China. There were experiments at Fort Detrick regarding the creation of a vaccine that would make humans more controllable. This vaccine had unexpected effects and in some cases did the opposite of what was intended. The strain escaped into a population and further mutated. Indeed it was carried to China by US soldiers. China soon knew the type and origin and launched a massive campaign to control the situation. This was seen by Western powers as a good model to follow with additional add-on factors. In the meantime further mutations have occurred, some engineered via STO[note 9] forces by virtue of the virus taking hold in certain persons whose spiritual force was able to direct the progression. At this point, there are two major strains. The elite need to stop the spread of that which they "created".
—The Cassiopaeans explain the COVID-19 pandemic on March 21st, 2020[43]

According to LKJ's channeling, not only were fears of the virus enormously overblown from the start, but the virus can actually be good for people. Beneficial mutations making people less easy to control can occur through the action of the virus, and the powers that be fear that people may catch it and become too much to handle as a result, that being the real reason behind the rush to implement lock-downs and halt the spread. "The virus can change DNA making individuals more susceptible to cosmic information of the STO[note 9] variety."[43]

As for vaccination against COVID-19, not only is Bill Gates allegedly a mind-controlled puppet in on it all[37] and chipping the population through vaccination a plan[42], but something as bad as the Black Death could apparently result from freak mutations inside of a few vaccinated individuals[44], bringing a real pandemic threat to the world. That's a danger of flawed vaccine technology actually worth worrying about, of course, unlike the earlier ongoing pandemic.

Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind[edit]

The Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind (FOTCM), also referred to as the Church of Revived Paleochristianity[45], is the religion launched by Laura Knight-Jadczyk et al. in 2009. It comprises an inner circle for the community of her "Cassiopaean Experiment" forum and alternative fake news site Sott.

Beyond vague idealistic wording, and some members living together, there doesn't seem to be much of a religion to the religion beyond the Cassiopaea community's cult of personality centered around LKJ. At any given time, a survey of activity on the Cassiopaea forum especially, and the news site in addition, may give a rough picture of what its members are currently the most preoccupied with.

There used to exist a separate anti-anti-cult website for the Cassiopaea community as a whole, countering cult accusations and other allegations against LKJ by other cranks (but not reasonable criticism), along with providing a boatload of glowing testimonials.[46][note 10]

Earlier ascension school[edit]

In the early 00's, LKJ and her husband, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, ran an online mystery school called the Quantum Future School of Ascension[48][26], which was the inner circle of her then email list-based online community. (By 2003, LKJ also drew upon experience with the QFS to formulate an uncompromising doctrine according to which those who reject the groupthink are defective or evil[4], roughly a year after arriving at the idea that half of humanity are lesser organic portals rather than full-fledged human beings.) Activity increasingly moved from email lists to the new Cassiopaea forum after its launch in 2006, and the old QFS mystery school eventually seems to have been abandoned, the FOTCM replacing it in 2009 as the new way of having a more exclusive inner circle.

The QFS claimed to be "A Radical Revival of the Ancient Secrets of Enlightenment!", much like the Fellowship claims to revive an ancient "PaleoChristianity" older than Christ.

If we had not tried and tested it, we would not be offering it. And now that we have achieved practical results, we are ready to expand this process – this global network. YOU can participate actively on a daily basis, with direct guidance and real time interaction with a group of teachers who have achieved objective results faster than ever dreamed possible. And these results can be yours, right from where you are, in your own home, with no disruption in your "ordinary life," dependent upon only your time and dedication and sincerity.[26]

The QFS times before and shortly after the launch of the forum are also the times of the Montalk-Cassiopaea dispute, in which another spiritual conspiracist, Tom Montalk, was first described by LKJ et al as a dangerous right-wing extremist[49], and then in turn later described how LKJ had fallen deep into paranoia and dishonesty, and the Cassiopaea community become cult-like[3].[note 11]

Éiriú Eolas[edit]

Éiriú Eolas, Irish for "Growth of Knowledge", is a breathing and meditation program which also has its own website[51]. Developed in 2009 around the time that the Cassiopaea community developed its belief in the threat of soul smashing, it supposedly helps people attain spiritual health by relieving them of their emotional and karmic burdens.[8] There's a rational core to the practices and how they work that Éiriú Eolas instructors like to emphasize to make it all seem scientific, and surrounding that, an extension of LKJ's egomaniacal beliefs that is less talked about.

On the more mundane side, the claim that controlled breathing exercises and self-stimulation of the vagus nerve can help with stress relief is reasonable, but there's no evidence that there's anything truly special with or particularly effective about Éiriú Eolas. Simple and easy to learn, the breathing exercises are basically similar to other variations on the same theme, which can be found here and there around the world and throughout history. To be fair, Éiriú Eolas can be learned and practiced for free, and isn't a money-making scheme, unlike part of the competition. But it does seem to play the role of another means for LKJ to engage in her extended fantasy of being the "discoverer" of ancient, unsurpassed secrets of great importance for humanity – sometimes so important that they ought to be free for the sake of philanthropy.

On the more far-out side, practice by members of the community greatly impacts higher realms and the future.[52] It is also supposedly of great benefit for people, or at least some people, to listen to LKJ's voice, as she guides people to breathe and meditate. If you are of "the blood", whatever that means, then the supernatural frequencies emitted by the Cassiopaeans can vibrate your being to their your benefit.

The point is this: when you speak while merged, cosmic elements are transmitted via your voice. More than this, it has the power to heal those of similar goals who are not yet at the correct frequency. In short, through your voice we can set frequency resonance for those of "the blood." [...] When you speak to aid others, we are able to merge with you.
—Cassiopaeans to Laura on July 4th, 2009[53]

But how was the breathing and meditation program arrived at? In the Cassiopaea channeling session of June 20th, 2009[8], the discussion between LKJ et al and the channeled source compared the Art of Living Sudarshan Kriya Yoga to LKJ's old personal breathing and meditation practices. Concerning the latter, the Cassiopaeans told her, "You stumbled instinctively on an ancient method that is unsurpassed in its efficacy. So why not share?" Following some back and forth and a few adjustments suggested by the Cassiopaeans to something basically similar to the Sudarshan Kriya, the channeled source announced, "We have just given you all the details of a truly ancient technique that is even older than the Vedas." Furthermore, the Irish words for "growth of knowledge" were "close enough to the original name of this practice for horseshoes," according to the channeled source.

This miraculously recovered long-lost ancient technique includes a modern, secularized version of the Lord's Prayer as something to focus on during meditation.

Trouble with French authorities[edit]

In late 2011, LKJ and her team began to have some legal trouble, though exactly what the trouble is isn't clear. It also coincided with them asking for donations, with those pledging a certain amount getting "A Telephone Into the FUTURE."[54] The post also states that the 2012 apocalypse is a fake... but because it is so well known and "smacks of a set up." That's right, the 2012 theories were a false flag operation by psychopaths and/or a deception inspired by evil aliens.

Through, the QFG and FOTCM organizations wage a battle against MIVILUDES, the French anti-cult government agency[55]. In sharing some older tips for subverting French anti-cult law, the editors have called its role in France a "fascist inquisition".[56] There may be problems with how well MIVILUDES and anti-cult laws work, but the real concern of the crew is probably that such measures could one day end up working too well.

Arkadiusz Jadczyk[edit]

Laura's husband, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, is a PhD in theoretical physics interested in quantum mechanics. He is published in reputable journals;[57][58] however as with many mathematicians (and theoretical physicists are of the same breed), he veers off into very bad philosophy of physics – an area of expertise completely disconnected from, but often confused with, physics itself. His many thoughts which go beyond his training in mathematics (on the nature of consciousness, mental powers, etc.) are a kind of quantum woo. He maintains a website for his speculations, which is also bizarre.[59]

Diet woo[edit]

God forbid, a crank site could actually put up a page that didn't try to sell you some way to lose weight. I realize we are all fat, and have no body-image self esteem thanks to the Media, but must everyone hawk the "biggest, baddest, bestest" diet? Oh, and it is all the fault of the agricultural industry, as fruit and vegetables are bad for you.[60] The article references the aquatic ape hypothesis and shows hints of promoting the paleo diet.

Views on RationalWiki[edit]

LKJ is not a fan of this site. In Cassiopaea, she had this to say about us:

I just had a look at an entry about me on "rationalwiki". I'm going to archive it here in case they decide to change it. It's so bad its "not even wrong." !! I suspect we get a lot of readers sent our way from there![61]

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