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From this work, by him and by others of his generation, it is widely believed that some glimpse of a "creation event of the universe" became available to science by an objective method, not, as in other times, by metaphysics or speculation.
—Allan Sandage

Edwin Powell Hubble (November 20, 1889 – September 28, 1953) was an American boxer, a member of the Kentucky bar association and an astronomer. He is best known for his discovery that the universe is expanding. This discovery, in giving the Big Bang theory a factual base, permanently eliminated God's theory on the origins of the universe, Genesis, from the competition.[1] Hubble made no public comment on God's concession speech. (It was rumored that he climbed atop Griffith Observatory, looked up into stars and yelled "Gotcha! Fucker!" then had a smoke and danced til the sun came up.) Hubble, simply put, set down the observational foundations upon which modern Cosmology rests.


Edwin Hubble 1889-1953, The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Vol.83, No.6 December 1989 Whole No. 621


  1. It was later discovered that God had plagiarized Genesis from an ancient Babylonian book of fairy tales. In a plea deal with authorities he was released under the condition that he never communicate or make his presence known to any person, or thing, that might "believe" in him or be a "follower" of him, ever. The deal was seen as an injustice by many. Many of God's ex-lovers had been in the court room when the deal was struck, one of them, a Mr. Gabriel, was incredulous..."He has never communicated with or made his presence known to any of his "followers" before..I mean..Why would he start now?...fuck...He is always bitching about them and calling them a bunch of wacko sheep....he could give a shit. So...I mean...How does this even qualify as a slap on the wrist for fuck's sake ?...Not even a slap on the wrist...sad.".