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Exodus International was a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian organization promoting the message of "freedom from homosexuality" through the power of Jesus Christ. In other words, Exodus International was a proponent of reparative therapy, a practice founded on the belief that "homosexual tendencies [are] one of many disorders that beset fallen humanity" and that "reorientation of same sex attraction is possible." In short, "pray away the gay."

The Advocate caught an offshoot of this group in 1987, trying to corner AIDS patients in their hospital rooms with the suggestion they stop being gay.[1]

The organization opposed legislation targeting hate crimes, labeling such laws "thought crime laws" because they "pave the way to prosecute biblical beliefs about homosexuality, instead of prosecuting illegal actions that harm others."

Despite their guarded language, they made clear links between homosexuality and pedophilia[2] and called gay people dangerous to the well-being of the family and America.[3]

If you were considering using their services, you might want to consider the history of one of their co-founders — Michael Bussee — who is now strongly critical of such groups.[4] He also fell in love with one of the other co-founders, both now accepting they were gay. Love conquers all!

In 2012, Exodus International president Alan Chambers (himself an "ex-gay") disavowed reparative therapy as something which offers false hope but fails to "cure" gays like himself of their homosexual tendencies. This apparent U-turn has caused some controversy within the movement.[5]

Exodus International shut down in June 2013, offering a blanket apology to the LGBT community.[6] Chambers would later affirm Haggard's Law, coming out as gay.[7]