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Dec's high school yearbook photo from 1944
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Gangster Computer God worldwide SECRET CONTAINMENT POLICY, made possible SOLY by worldwide Computer God Frankenstein Controls, especially LIFELONG CONSTANT THRESHOLD BRAIN WASH RADIO ( quiet and motionless, I can slightly hear it; repeatedly this has saved my life on the streets ). FOUR BILLION worldwide population ALL living have a Computer God CONTAINMENT POLICY BRAIN BANK BRAIN, A REAL BRAIN, in the Brain Bank Cities on the far side of the Moon, we never see.
Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy.[1] No, it doesn't get much more coherent than this.

Francis E. Dec, Esq. (January 6, 1926–January 21, 1996) was a disbarred[2][3] U.S. lawyer and, to put it politely, a stark raving lunatic. Seriously, this guy makes Alex Jones and David Icke look sane by comparison.

He is perhaps best known for his very public collapse into paranoid schizophrenia (probably–Dec was never formally diagnosed) in the sixties. He came to fame (or rather, infamy) for his mass-distributed green ink pamphlets containing incomprehensible screeds that make Time Cube look positively coherent and well-structured in comparison. Dec devoted the rest of his life to writing these puzzling, rambling blocks of text and mass-mailing them, much to the general public's confusion.

Dec's worldview is hard to summarize, given the vast and sprawling nature of his many interconnected conspiracy theories and the poor penmanship caused by his addled mind, but it seems to revolve around what he terms the "Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God (WMDCGCG)", a self-descriptive entity whose goals are not entirely clear (perhaps not even to Dec himself). Less charitably, his worldview revolved around a paranoid hatred of everyone who wasn't like him and things he didn't like–Dec was, of all things, a Polish supremacist–especially the Jewish, Catholics, black people; generally everyone not Polish or Slovene (and even then his feelings towards the Slovenians are not entirely clear). Even less charitably, he seems to have had a paranoid hatred of everyone who wasn't Francis E. Dec, Esq, given how he slandered his own brother in his writing.

As tends to be the case with kooks like him, Dec's oeuvre picked up an ironic fandom starting in the 80s, with many amused by the utter insanity of his writings.[4] Since then, his writings have been preserved, dramatically read and even illustrated by his followers.


Francis E. Dec was born in New York on January 6, 1926 to Rose M. Dec and Jan Dec,[5] and enlisted in the Army during World War II (although he didn't actually fight in the war itself).[6] Some time later he became a lawyer, but was disbarred by the state of New York in 1958 for "forgery, 2nd degree and grand larceny, 2nd degree".[2] His critical turning point occurred sometime around 1961, when he was admitted to Pilgrim State Hospital for 60 days to undergo a mental examination.[7] He then spent the rest of his life in isolation, writing various tracts and mailing them to radio and TV stations around the world.[8]

Dec died in January 21, 1996, and was buried in Queens.[9] It's an interesting coincidence that Dec became almost exactly 70 years old, given Dec's claim that the Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God had implemented a policy to render everyone "dead or useless" by age 70.

The weird world of Francis E. Dec[edit]

Dec's world is densely packed with his own terminology and an internal dream-like logic that only made sense to Dec himself. It's almost impossible to describe any part of it without referring to other parts, like it's a sort of fractal. Given the strange content, utter frothing lunacy and lack of anything resembling rational sense, his various opera are not subject to the stopped clock phenomenon, and are not even wrong. The collection of Dec's worldview is considered a prime example of outsider artWikipedia by those who have studied it.[10]

Various main ideas, phrases, and parts of Dec's message are described here, while further below there is more on some notable Dec rants.

Computer God[edit]

The main villain in Dec's writings, its full name being the "Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God". An omnipresent, omniscient, all-seeing chaotic and evil computerized entity that secretly rules over all humanity, which has been reduced to mere "Frankenstein slaves" (more on that later). Originally created as the "Top Secret World-wide Computer Electronic Encyclopedia" by the Slovenian people (who, in Dec's fantasy world, are both an agrarian society and capable of building a supercomputer) several hundred years ago to help them build their empire, it turned evil and somehow took control of everyone. In his world, it is the real head of the Catholic Church. It can:

  • Brainwash people using their "moon-brain". Because according to Dec, our real brains are stored in vast banks on the far side of the Moon. Somehow.
  • Remote control people using their "Frankenstein Controls".
  • Abduct people and perform "Instant Plastic Surgery" on them, which can include radical changes in height.

The existence of the Gangster Computer God in his writings is often cited to be a result of a specific type of schizophrenia, termed the "Schizophreniform Influencing Machine Delusion", first described by psychoanalyst Victor Tausk in 1919. [11] Dec was not the only notable case of this delusion; the very first case of documented paranoid schizophrenia, a patient named James Tilly Matthews,Wikipedia held a delusion of similar grandiosity and complexity involving an machine he termed the "Air Loom", which he insisted tortured him at a distance. Comparing Matthews and Dec, the similarities are inescapable–the only real difference being that Dec's delusion involved technology much more modern than pneumatic chemistry. This delusion of Dec is often held to be the smoking gun pointing towards a possible case of schizophrenia.

Frankenstein Controls and Slavery[edit]

The Master Race Frankenstein Radio Controls Brain Thoughts Broadcasting Radio,[12] in its original form.

"The Master Race Frankenstein Radio Controls" are what people have in their skulls instead of brains, according to Mr. Dec.[12] (Remember, the brains are instead located in the "Brain-bank cities" on the far side of the moon.) One of the more elaborate parts of the Dec mythos, it is a complex system consisting of:

  • Brain-thoughts Broadcasting Radio: a subsystem which transmits what people are thinking to their Frankenstein Radio Controls while simultaneously allowing the Gangster Computer God to spy on them.
  • Gangster Frankenstein Eyesight Television: what sane people would call "sight", Dec understood was a massive monitoring system that could remotely monitor what people had in their line of sight. "Davy Eisenscheimer" used it to remotely watch World War II. Unfortunately not related to the post-punk band.Wikipedia
  • Gangster Frankenstein Earphone Radio: similar to the Gangster Frankenstein Eyesight Television, it allows the Gangster Computer God to remotely monitor what people say and hear.
  • Constant-threshold Brainwash Radio: A constant feed of conformist propaganda broadcasted by the Gangster Computer God towards all with Frankenstein Radio Controls. One of the most distinctly schizophrenic parts of the entire Dec canon, as he mentioned that he could hear it if he remained motionless.
  • Synthetic Nerve-Radio Directional Antennae Loop: The antennae through which the Gangster Computer God controls its subjects like the world's most complicated RC toy setup. Also known to sane people as the human collarbone.

Enslaved by the influence of the Frankenstein Controls, people live wretched lives of "Living-Death Frankenstein Slavery".

Slovene Empire[edit]

Dec, being a Polish supremacist of sorts, held that the Polish-Slovene people were at the helm of a global agrarian empire several thousand years ago. They also built all pyramids on Earth (all of them; whether it's the Akkadian ziggurats or the Mesoamerican pyramids). Their downfall was apparently the construction of the Top Secret World-wide Computer Electronic Encyclopedia, an artificial intelligent supercomputer which unfortunately evolved into the aforementioned Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God.

How an agrarian society managed to build a supercomputer is anyone's guess.


The empirical scientific agnostic religion of ASTROCISM, created by the worldwide Slovene empire with the help of the Slovene TOP SECRET WORLD-WIDE COMPUTER ELECTRONIC ENCY-CLOPEDIA of THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO with its customs set up based upon the study of the Universe, primarily the study of our star, the Sun, “the giver of all light and heat and sole, sole sustenance of life on our planet, Earth,” to aid the white Slovene spreading world population of Eurasia (Europe and Asia) which said population was composed of tiny independent farmers, namely a worldwide agrarian population.
Astrocism: The True Religion of the Slovene People![13]

A religion created by the Polish-Slovene people, and the one true religion of all mankind. Somehow both a religion and agnostic, the immediate self-contradiction not apparent to Dec. Destroyed by the Gangster Computer God after it conquered all mankind.

Dec's description of astrocism makes it out to be a scientific and empirical affair based upon the study of the stars and the sky (hence the name), free of the superstition and supernatural elements of all subsequent religions. He also attributes to it all of mankind's advancement.

Infrared Crusader Priests[edit]

A corps created by the Gangster Computer God, responsible for the conquest of the Slovene people, as well as the perfection of the process of implanting Master-race Frankenstein Radio Controls inside of the cranium. Responsible for the slaughter of millions of innocents in their development of said Frankenstein Radio Controls in their fortified monasteries and in their vast burning of fields via special "Deadly Poison Nerve Gas Smoke". Black-robed judges and black-robed priests are their modern successors, and this part is definitely not a piece of Dec's massive persecution complex.

Shockingly not the name of a rock band.

Communist-Atheist Conspiracy[edit]

A worldwide mad deadly gangster conspiracy by the "Playboy scum-on top" with the aim of subjugating all of humanity in general and Francis E. Dec, Esq. in particular. Either cooperates with or is controlled by the Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Computer God, to which they are at its beck and call. People involved in the Conspiracy are the world's governments, organized crime, all judges and policemen, the CIA, the FBI; hell, it's probably easier to list who isn't in on the Communist-Atheist Conspiracy.


Part of the Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God's Over-all Plan for humanity was for the extinction of the Slovene people via miscegenation with African people, as this would for some reason ease the transition into its communist tyranny, followed by the implantation of the Master-race Frankenstein Radio Controls. As it happens, Dec was a massive racist and antisemite, so it's more than likely that this component of his mythos is his troubled mind manifesting his irrational fear of Jews, black people and interracial couples.

Recurring themes in Dec's writing[edit]


DEADLY POISON NERVE GAS SMOKE was sprayed at me from CIGARS, CIGARETTES, even from BALL-POINT PENS! Also from the WIG of a woman sitting next to me! Even the Swiss cheese-type ICE CUBES were evaporating into POISON NERVE GAS SMOKE in all of the FREE drinks!
To All Judges[14]

One of the core tenets of Dec's delusions is a profound feeling of being persecuted by the world around him. He perceived judges, policemen and even his own family as actively engaging in a conspiracy–and despite the extremely grandiose and complicated nature of his persecutory delusionWikipedia, it's very clear he writes as if they are targeting him in particular. This led to some amusing moments in his writing, such as the above quote, as well his preoccupation with random people stabbing him with "Deadly Touch Tabin Needles", and remote control "Deadly Touch Tarantula Spiders".


Master Race Frankenstein Radio Controls!![12]

While only smaller parts of Dec's writing explicitly spell it out, grandiose delusionsWikipedia of being the only means by which humanity can escape the great sci-fi nightmare seem part and parcel of his worldview. Dec often ends rants with an appeal to people to help him, the only person able to tell the truth and as such a great menace to the worldwide machinations described.

The way in which Dec reached out to people to try to inform them about the hidden truth seems curious if his message is actually taken at face value, though. After all, Dec seems to have thought that everyone else in the world was a brainwashed and even outright remote-controlled puppet. (He, on the other hand, had superior Polish genes and a thin skull without room for all the Frankenstein Controls to be put in, thus he was implanted only with the remote surveillance devices. When quiet and motionless, he could notice the Radio Controls ordering others around...) If there was a conspiracy genuinely as great and with a grip on everyone as strong as Dec described, there's really no way that attempts to inform others could have helped. However, Dec's thinking wasn't exactly logical and consistent.

Racism and antisemitism[edit]

Nazi Jewmany occupied Poland in 1939. Hitler JEW gang made Nazi JEW HANS FRANK total governor of Poland with his JEW gangs, provinces rulers, high Gestapo, military S.S. etc. Many of these Nazi Jews lived in the luxurious city site JEW GHETTO of the capital city, Warsaw. ALL DURING WWII, AS ALWAYS, like ALL European cities, Warsaw had a luxurious JEW GHETTO section, similar to JEW CENTRAL $$$$ PARK SECTION in New York City, JerUSAlem. By 1943, Jewmany was doomed. Kosher USSR offered secret treacherous TOTAL peace treaty to Nazi Jewmany, giving Jewmany ALL 1941 borders, including the lands of USSR SLAVE ALLY, Poland.
The True Story of Nazi Jewmany!![15]

As is evidenced by many of the details above mentioned, Dec was a massive racist and antisemite. He went so far in his antisemitism as to actually blame the Holocaust on the Jewish people themselves via the patently ludicrous assertion that Nazis were in fact Jewish, simply because he couldn't accept the idea of Jewish and Slavic people being victims of the same genocide.[15] He was also known to refer to the United States via the derogatory antisemitic name of "JerUSAlem". Also present in his writing is a burning hatred of black people, particularly what he termed "Gifted Ethiopians", which are more often than not the true ethnicity of those who rank high in the Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God conspiracy. And of course, racial slurs (particularly "nigger") abound through his writing. He was also extremely opposed to miscegenation, which he referred to as "degeneration" and he blamed the downfall of the Slovene Empire on it.

Furthermore, he often accused random people of being black before hurling racist abuse at them. Most notably he did this at Frank Gulotta, the then-District Attorney of Nassau County who oversaw his disbarment, whom he savagely demonized and referred to as a “black felon Mafioso”. Needless to say, Mr. Gulotta was not black, and was in fact of Italian descent (although at the time Italians were not considered white, so who knows if Dec referred to that).

Ironically, despite his extreme antisemitism, Dec liberally peppered his various rants with often mangled Yiddish (or as he called it, "Yittish") terms and idioms, which in Decland was invented by the Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God. Go figure.

Slavic supremacy[edit]

Dec was, of all things possible, a Slavic supremacist. He held the "Polish-Slovene" people extremely highly, putting them at the head of a global agrarian empire and insisting they were able to build a supercomputer apparently capable of evolving artificial intelligence long before semiconductors were even discovered (one wonders what the Top Secret World-wide Computer Electronic Encyclopedia was made of). In fact, one of the most common threads in his writing (besides rampant antisemitism) is praise of the Polish-Slovene people, to whom we owe all of mankind's advancement and sophistication. Needless to say, there are no records of Dec having any knowledge of anthropology or history.

As alluded to in the previous section, the atrocities against the Slavic people in the Holocaust presented an interesting dilemma for Dec's paranoid and delusional mind, as they meant he couldn't paint Hitler as a resistance leader against the gangster government. He simply could not conceive of both the Jewish and Slavic peoples being victims of the same tragedy and rejected the former as being there at all. After all, to him, Jewish people were in on the conspiracy against the supposedly superior Slavic people, and the thought of anyone persecuting Slavic people independent of the Gangster Computer God would never have occurred to someone with such a black-and-white thought process. He saw himself at a crossroads, and when faced with this he came up with the strangest conclusion possible: that the Nazis were, in fact, Jewish. The mind boggles at how he arrived there.[15]


I have vivid memories of sleeping next to a Kosher ex-flying captain. This assassin, to placate me, told me in detail: "I begged to get back in as a top sgt. (with felonious double bribe pay, this APE, with slut an breed of 3, in ONE MONTH made more pay than MY PVT. YEARLY PAUPERS G.I. PAY). "I make much more than the civil service job I had as Los Angeles fireman. The firemen are real bum gangsters. They get paid to sleep on the job. They have no work to do, most of the time. They bring in spik girls and have drunk sodomy drug parties in the beds, in the firehouse. While on the job they go out and rob stores and homes, to get extra money (FELONIOUS GOV. BRIBE) they murder people and set their house on fire to cover up the murder.
—Francis E. Dec, Esquire[16]:44

Despite his liberal use of the word 'gangster', it's not immediately clear what Dec meant, as he goes beyond the regular meaning of participating in organized crime, and refers to random authorities, pieces of technology, and even abstract concepts as 'gangster'. Together with for example how Dec compares things to the Gestapo, it's among the things that generally add to the over-the-top paranoid tone.[note 1]

The idea of how a mafia works does however fit the loose theme of a big, murderous conspiracy which uses force to make the law whatever it wishes in practice. And Dec viewed literally everyone as forced into being a cog in such a system from birth, so the Computer God itself being a 'gangster' may loosely be understood in terms of it coordinating and ruling over the whole worldwide, criminally conspiratorial, murderous mayhem.[note 2] Supposedly in accordance with communism, and some other things, in an interesting mixture.

Dec's tone often fits someone accusing others of corruption and other moral failings, while at the same time, others are supposedly so strongly controlled by the omnipresent system that such labels can't even really apply. It's doubtful that Dec had a coherent stance in that regard, and in other regards.

In practice, he may have used the term "gangster" as a label for all people who he viewed as working against his interests or the accomplishing of any of his goals.

Notable rants[edit]

Master Race Frankenstein Radio Controls[edit]

One of Dec's most well-known rants, Master Race Frankenstein Radio Controls[12] is where Dec elaborated on the so-named theme and the main source for descriptions of the Frankenstein Controls.

Not only does Dec describe various technical details part of the "World-wide Living Death Frankenstein Slavery" the world has been and continued to be forced into, but in some passages he elaborates on the sheer scope of the conspiracy, in a tone perfectly suited to the world of alt-right conspirituality 3–4 decades later. The climate and atmosphere of the planet are also under control and re-engineered for sinister plans of total control, but that's just a trifle in the larger scheme of things...


Dec also mentions that people are slowly murdered by surgically undergoing "fake aging" with the result that they end up "dead or useless" by age 70, something "done at nite to you as a Frankenstein Slave". (This theme is elaborated upon in the "Containment Policy" rant mentioned next.)

Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy[edit]

The worldwide unbelievable lowest deadly gangster kosher-bosher vicious "medical profession"; worldwide unbelievable instant plastic surgery BUTCHERY of the body and brain - especially the face! Wipe-on hormones and laser beam surgery causing instant ugly deep wrinkles, scars, age spots, arthritis, freckles, blemishes, pimples.

Perhaps the most (in)famous of all of Dec's rants, Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy[1] details the suffering and indignities of the everyday life of a Frankenstein Slave under the yoke of the Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God. Even by the lofty standards of the average Dec rant, it is extremely verbose and meandering, and also one of his less coherent rants – yet also imaginative and quite entertaining if read with the right mindset, containing among other things the bizarre but unintentionally humorous turn of phrase "Computer God computerized brainthinking sealed robot operating arm surgery cabinet machine removal".

In this rant, Dec describes something rather similar to alien abduction, except that it is abduction by the Computer God and its mechanisms and servants which is described, rather than abduction by alien forces. It's not clear whether the similarity of description is a coincidence, or whether Dec actually experienced or "remembered" such events in typical ways; if it is the latter, then it would fall into a broader category of experiences (historically also including abduction by airship men, demons, various supernatural creatures, etc.), where in modern times the "alien" variety just happens to be the most popular. It could however be that Dec's beliefs in, and ways of thought concerning, grand conspiracies led him to dream of and describe such events for other reasons.

You are the highest, most intelligent electrical MACHINE in the Universe!
—Dec, expressing awe at the extraordinary capabilities of the Computer God

To All Judges[edit]

I write DEMANDING a re-hearing of my worse-than-lowest Deadly Gangster police state Criminal Conviction which appeal case was in your farce Deadly Gangster ghetto-Communist Gangster Computer God-manipulated Gangster Court! Below, I state some of the many REASONS for said re-hearing, plus all of my evidence the Attorney General chicanerously forwarded to the Bar Association Grievance Committee for prosecution of felon Gangster mafionic negroidic the BLACK Frank Gulotta - a Gangster Judge, therefore un-prosecutable! The blackish menial negroidic-in-apperance-and-demeanor felon vicious Parroting Puppet ex District Attorney Nassau County with NO private law experience, DETESTED by all factions. In spite of this, SOLELY because of his many year secret gangsterization and crucifixion of ME, this negroidic low mafionic deadly BLACK Frank Gulotta was then IMMEDIATELY and UNPRECEDENTEDLY and REPEATEDLY rapidly PROMOTED - in spite of TREMENDOUS opposition - to the present position of second highest state judgeship SOLELY through Gangster Computer God manipulation!

Considered by many of his followers to be Dec's magnum opus, the rant To All Judges[14] is a masterpiece of green ink addressed to the Supreme Court in which he begs for them to overturn his disbarment. Presumably. It doesn't take long for it to devolve into absurd racist conspiracy theory logorrhea, and by "doesn't take long" we mean "immediately". It then further devolves into a incomprehensible diatribe with no real central idea wherein Dec complains endlessly about every single minor setback he ever had and how they were all related to the Gangster Computer God trying to end his life. He also repeatedly refers to State and Supreme Court judges as "rectum-lapper sodomists", in case you thought his overall ideology didn't include at least a soupçon of homophobia.

It gives great insight into how Dec processed the world around him, as well as the extreme extent of his persecutory delusion, such as an incident where he was held "in chains" for three days and beaten "bloodily" after trying to fly to the "the Slovenic-Polish land of [his] forefathers" of Warsaw, which may have been completely imagined and not based in reality. Indeed, he claims to have been detained in an airport on the St. Lawrence RiverWikipedia estuary, where there has never been an airport.

Puzzlingly, he simultaneously thinks that the "hangman rope gangsters" of the Supreme Court are under the thumb of the Gangster Computer God, and finds it worthwhile to try to persuade their gangsterly hierarchy of "playboy scum-on-top" and "underlings" to overturn his disbarment. One should of course not look for consistency in Dec's worldview, but it's easy to wonder what even was the point of his rant. A simple answer that may explain it at least in part–a temper tantrum. Dec apparently expected to inconvenience the recipients, who he claims would be legally obliged to look through his case.

Before I’m exterminated by you hangman rope underlings, I DEMAND A REPLY!

Perhaps this complete and utter nonsense should have clued someone in to just how much Dec's mental health had deteriorated since the disbarment, but evidently it didn't.


Although Dec was largely ignored during most of his lifetime, he began to acquire an ironic following starting in the 80s when Boyd "Doc on the ROQ" Britton received and dramatically read five of his rants.[17] Some of his most high profile followers included William S. Burroughs, industrial music whiz Genesis P-Orridge (who went so far as to sample one of Doc's dramatic readings)[4] and underground cartoonist Robert Crumb, who reprinted a Dec rant in the underground comic Weirdo in 1983.[16] A play based on Dec's life and oeuvre, called A History of Heen (not Francis E. Dec Esq.) premiered in 1999.

And while Dec is not nearly as well-known as some other highly incomprehensible kooks (like Time Cube), his fandom (for lack of a better word) is nonetheless one of the most dedicated. Long after the fact, more of Dec's rants were tracked down even though they had once been considered lost. The Francis E. Dec Fanclub has also dramatically read additional rants, beyond those read by Boyd Britton.

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  1. Of course, Dec also described what later became popularly known as "gang stalking".
  2. The Computer God ruling over the gangster order and being 'gangster' itself in turn, in the other direction, makes all the smaller things which are mere extensions of it 'gangster' too. And if the gangster equipment controlling people is gangster, then the people are gangster, and all they do is gangster, and the whole world. In other words, all the world's a crime. A very well-organized crime.[citation NOT needed]