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Conservative denial is the tendency of conservatives to conceal, deny or censor:

  • examples of how the conservative ideology harms people
  • the admission that that they are fascists themselves
  • how the conservative ideology is pushed on unsuspecting others, particularly youngsters
  • that conservatives just aren't very bright

George W. Bush, for example, refused to admit in a presidential debate that he is an idiot.

There are also specific examples of conservatives denying, for ideological reasons, facts that are plainly true:

  1. that the numerous scandals among evangelists are a direct result of Christian values
  2. that Ronald Reagan's public exhortation, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" did not cause the nearly 30-year-old wall to be torn down later.
  3. that gun control may decrease crime.
  4. that prayer is not censored from public school.
  5. that reducing taxes for the rich often does not "trickle down" to the poor.
  6. that what they perceive as "liberal bias" in the media is often simply the media not embracing their radical conservative dogma.
  7. that privately-run transport is generally not more "efficient" than government-run transport.
  8. that public health care is not necessarily inferior medical care.
  9. that many homeschoolers are straight up morons.
  10. that Christianity is a collection of myths that have largely been proven false.
  11. that The Specials song "Free Nelson Mandela" directly caused Nelson Mandela to be freed from prison... 6 years later.
  12. that Barack Obama is not a secret Muslim Kenyan.
  13. that you can't wish away scientific facts (see evolution and global warming).
  14. that "print and spend" conservatives like St. Ronald and Dubya spent way more than any "tax and spend" liberal since FDR.
  15. that abortion doesn't cause breast cancer.
  16. that the Founding Fathers weren't all part of one massive hive mind and the US is not a "Christian nation".
  17. that FDR didn't make the Great Depression worse.
  18. that Obamunism has resulted in lower taxes.
  19. that it wasn't "just a few bad apples."
  20. that gays won't corrupt the youth of the nation if they're allowed to get married.
  21. that there were no WMD.
  22. that the US foreign policy hasn't always been to "spread democracy" and they don't "hate us for our freedoms."
  23. that George Soros doesn't own every media outlet besides Faux and conservative talk radio.
  24. that Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat, well, you know....
  25. that there isn't really a large group of Americans who refuse to fill the country's plentiful job openings and instead demand to be supported by white hard-working taxpayers.
  26. that voter fraud isn't really widespread.
  27. that the Civil War was about slavery.
  28. that being gay is not a choice.
  29. that atheism does not cause obesity or... Alzheimer's disease?!Conservlogo late april.png.
  30. that the religious freedom of Christians is not, in any way, shape or form, affected by same-sex couples marrying, or women accessing abortion services, or schoolchildren being taught evolution, or classrooms not forcing all students to participate in prayer, or the presence of other religions
  31. that Conservapedia is The Trusworthy Encyclopedia instead of "Trustworthy™".

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