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Science and Math Defeated

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Science and Math Defeated is one of the most idiotic blogs on the internet. It is run and contributed to by an individual known as "notedscholar", which is unusual as he is both hardly notable and barely scholarly.


Among their 100% organic, chemical-free stupidity are:

and let's not forget....

...which make those of us trained in even basic mathematics that went to school wince.[note 1] Numerous refutations of the "proofs" and "logic" used in the blog exist around the Internet and sometimes in the blog's comments section, but the stupidity of it matches Time cube, so it is not subject to the stopped clock effect and is not even wrong.

As of this update (which was locked when this was written), the blog can be concluded to be almost certainly a Poe.

Pigeon chess with PZ Myers[edit]

Seemingly oblivious to the nature of mutation, notedscholar claims "PZ Myers descended into a Twitter rant/meltdown regarding NS here."

The gist of NS's position is that no mutant could ever attract a mate, making offspring impossible. In fact, the overwhelming majority of mutations are neutral. They do not affect an individual's fitness to occupy its niche. Furthermore, unless they are as obvious as five-eyed fish, very few "mutants" are even slightly disadvantaged in the mating game.

Real chess with NASA[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Poe's Law - Particularly as Science and Math Defeated is so outlandish very few people can believe that it is anywhere near genuine. Especially when it contains carefully-polished gems like:

I have officially lost count of the nails in the seas of coffins of dark matter, like finding a needle in the sands on the seashore.[1]


  1. And, most damning of all, denies the utility present in those mathematics and gives us instead the advice to follow a system that, from a mathematical standpoint, is pretty damn useless for anything that requires more complexity than a boolean

External links[edit]

  • In case you haven't figured it out yet, the blog's latest embarrassments are here
  • And of course, a rather interesting case against RationalWiki.
  • Peter Woit, Matt Strassler, and Jester on dark matter