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Ginger Taylor

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Ginger Taylor is a mother of an autistic son and an anti-vaccine wingnut. She put together a bogus and frequently cited list of "60+ studies proving vaccines cause autism" and also has a YouTube channel. She has defended Andrew Wakefield[1] and Donald Trump for their anti-vaccine beliefs.[2]

She is the executive director of the anti-vaccine Canary Party. Notably, another member of the Canary Party is Mark Blaxill of Age of Autism. She is also an occasional guest contributor to AoA, and contributed to an anti-vaccine book called "Vaccine Epidemic". She lives in Brunswick, Maine.[3]

She has claimed that vaccines are against the Jewish faith (no matter what sensible Jewish people might say[4][5]) and likened it to forced sterilization.[6]

Ginger Taylor insists that she is rationally approaching these terrible Big Pharma shills for debate, only for them to be mean to her.[7] After Ginger Taylor announced that believers of truth must always love debate, it was pointed out that her favorite conference (Autism One) has kicked out multiple people for having scientific beliefs.[8]

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