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Giorgia Meloni

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I am Giorgia, I am a woman, I am a mother, I am Italian, I am a Christian, and you can't take that away from me!
—Meloni giving her fascist inauguration speech.[1]

Giorgia Meloni (1977–) is the prime minister of Italy, having been elected since 2022. Despite presenting herself as a moderate, she has a background as a fascist political activist. She is the first far-right Italian prime minister since Mussolini was elected (and it just gets worse from here).[2]

Early fascist career[edit]

Meloni hails from Rome, and spent most of her life as an activist in the Youth Front, a neo-fascist political party of Mussolini youth.[3] In 1992 (when she was just 15), she joined the Youth Front and later became the leader of the Student Action, another neo-fascist group.

In her young adult years when she was an activist in the Youth Front, Meloni praised Mussolini as a great leader and an example of Italian pride and strength.[4]

Apologia from American conservatives[edit]

Unsurprisingly, American rightists have praised and defended Meloni as a moderate right-wing leader, and claiming that she is not a fascist. Meloni has also compared herself with the American Republican Party as being equally "moderate" as herself.[5]

Anti-LGBT fearmongering[edit]

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Meloni is very homophobic and transphobic. She claims that gay marriage is antithetical to "traditional values", and has also accused Disney of spreading LGBT propaganda (much like Ron DeSantis).[6] She has enacted laws limiting same-sex couples from marrying and adopting children, which limits their parental rights and prevents them from living in society.[7]

Xenophobia and nationalism[edit]

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Meloni has allowed anti-immigrant rhetoric to spread in the Italian public sphere, and has given validity to racist far-right groups.[8] Some of the targeted groups were Jews, Muslims, Romani, and African and Asian migrants.[9] Meloni has also called for a crack down on Italy's African community, beginning with anti-immigration laws and fearmongering about "African infiltrators".[10]

Meloni signed laws preventing immigration and creating detention centers to send immigrants and refugees to in order to prevent what they perceive as "an invasion".[11]

Stopped clock[edit]

Despite being a fascist, Meloni is defensive of women's rights and, unlike her fans, considers herself a feminist. However, her "feminist" politics have been questioned after she banned abortion in Italy, though she denies that she's an antifeminist.[12]

Meloni has disavowed Putin and condemned the war in Ukraine, even going as far as to send aid into Ukraine.[13] She also called out Berlusconi when he blamed Zelenskyy for the war in Ukraine.[14]