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The Infidels are a splinter group which broke off from the English Defence League, dedicated to similar anti-Islam protests but less coy about their ties with the racist right. The organisation has two factions: the North East Infidels and the North West Infidels.[1]

The North West faction is run by John "Snowy" Shaw. Shaw has reportedly fallen for the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, saying that "all true British patriots take the time to read this".[2] He also had a sideline in llama farming, but was convicted of animal cruelty after letting five of his llamas starve to death; ironically, he had previously opposed halal food on the grounds of animal welfare concerns.[3]

Another leading member of the North West Infidels is Shane Calvert, nicknamed "Diddyman".[4] In 2013, Calvert attended a white pride celebration in Swansea; this event included such charming attractions as the lynching of a large golliwog by people in Ku Klux Klan uniforms.[5]

Amongst the other notable members of the two Infidels factions are Shane Martin, who was jailed for threatening staff members of a hopsital,[6] and Liam Pinkham, who has posted pro-Nazi and pro-Breivik material on Facebook.[7]

The various Facebook pages associated with the Infidels are home to predictable amounts of bilge, such as this charming offering from the official page of the North West Infidels' Wigan division:

They say we need to eat five a day to keep us healthy. So does this mean that we should kill five immigrant bastards a day to bring our glorious country back to a health? Rule Britannia and kill some foreign cunts today

one Muslim, one Hindu, one Sheik, one Polski and don't forget the fucking black cunt.[8]