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Pioneer Little Europe

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Pioneer Little Europe is a movement that aims to establish whites-only communities (hence "Little Europe", whatever that means) due to fears that the white race will otherwise become extinct. Online, they have a penchant for stealing photos of women in medieval-inspired clothing to tell us what an ideal white woman looks like. The standard fare of Cultural Marxism, with its homophobia and pining for the good old days also applies. But they are totally not Nazis, they just care about white survivalDo You Believe That? and think the Holocaust didn't happen.


The movement was started in 2008 and gathered in Kalispell, Montana to try to make it a Little Europe.[1] In 2012, Craig Cobb, a white nationalist, moved to Leith, North Dakota and attempted to turn it into such a community.[2] Cobb has been buying cheap properties throughout the Midwest, including Nebraska, Kansas and North Dakota in an attempt to create a Little Europe as a fait accompli.[3] These land purchases, once discovered, have often been met with outrage by the local citizenry.[3] In 2017, a church that Cobb purchased in Nome, North Dakota, and planned to rename "the “President Donald J. Trump Creativity Church of Rome" went up in flames under mysterious circumstances,[3] rather than simply going down in flames as a foolish idea.

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