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Jacob is a child prodigy who has eclipsed Mozart.
—Jack Burkman, Wohl's co-worker[1]

Jacob Wohl (1997–)[2] is a wooly-headed right wing conspiracy theorist, fraudster, and internet troll. He has perpetrated numerous hoaxes. His most famous hoax may be alleging that Robert Mueller raped a woman through a paper-thin fake company. He also holds the dubious honor of being the youngest person to have ever been banned from the National Futures Association (NFA).[3][4][5] In October 2019, he alleged that Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren was in a long-term BDSM affair with a Marine veteran that left him physically scarred, which backfired in that it made a consumer protection expert and Harvard Law professor sound cool.[6]

Robert Mueller rape allegations[edit]

Burkman and Wohl appear to have no idea how to spell their client's first name. They insist it's Carolyn — but then after reporters ask them, they say it's Carolyne with an E.
—Will Sommer[7]
Someone asks, "Are you both prepared for federal prison?" Burkman replies no.
—Oliver Darcy[8]

In order to smear the Trump-Russia connection, Wohl and Jack Burkman (allegedly working for a company called "Surefire Intelligence") accused FBI director Robert Mueller of raping Carolyne Cass in 2010. Said accusation was hilariously fake:[9]

  • Cass refused to appear for Wohl's 1 November 2018 press conference.[10]
  • Cass later revealed that she had been offered $20,000 to make these allegations.[11][12] When questioned on this, Wohl said that he had made up Cass to trick news outlets. Unfortunately, Cass is a real person who did an interview with Ed and Brian Krassenstein.[13]
  • Wohl claimed that Mueller raped Cass "[o]n or about August 2, 2010" in the "St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan, New York City, NY". As the FBI director, Mueller was sure to have a solid alibi for almost any day — but on this date in particular, Mueller was also serving jury duty in Washington, D.C.[14][15] Truly excellent research.
  • Wohl claimed that Mueller made sexual advances on Cass on the 19th floor of the St. Regis, which is currently a gym.[16][17]
  • Wohl previously claimed that "Surefire Intelligence" was not his company. When an NBC journalist called Surefire Intelligence's officially listed telephone number, they were redirected to Wohl's mother's voicemail inbox. NBC continues: "Wohl stopped responding to NBC News after being told Surefire's official phone number redirects to his mother's voicemail."[18]
  • "Surefire Intelligence" used manipulated or copyrighted images for its employee photos, including one of an Oscar-winning actor and one of a supermodel.[19][20]

Mueller referred the accusation to the FBI for investigation.[21]

Wohl was fired after a brief stint at The Gateway Pundit because of this fuckupery.[22] The Gateway Pundit initially promoted Wohl's claims credulously.[22]

Wohl's other weird allegations[edit]

After the above Muller allegation's fell apart, he's trying a new strategy of just throwing shit at the wall quantity over quality. [23][note 1]

In late April 2019, Wohl and associate Jack Burkman devised another fictitious sexual assault claim, against Pete Buttigieg. They attempted to convince a college student in Michigan to claim he was sexually assaulted while drunk. After failing to convince him to be involved with their scheme, the lovely dual just went ahead none the less, using the person's name and photo and setting up a Medium and Twitter account. The Daily Beast staff tracked down the person and asked them about the allegations, which they indicated the statements were false, and denied them on a Facebook page. They also provided audio recording of the conversation with Wohl, which was confirmed as authentic and containing Wohl by The Daily Beast. When The Daily Beast started asking Whol and Burkman questions about the allegations, the Twitter and Medium pages vanished.[24][25][26]

On 8 May, Jacob and Burkman held a press conference where they showed footage of the person they attempted to convince to go along with their scheme from their meeting at a coffee shop, in an effort to dispell the belief that they had tried to coerce the student. This presser included the phrase: "Most forced coercion attempts do not involve caramel frappucinos". [27] Best part of it was when a fucking garbage truck drove up and started emptying Burkman's trash cans in the middle of their video.[28]

1 October, Jacob and Burkman held a press conference the Ukraine whistleblower, where they said they'd reveal the identity of the whistleblower. Shocker, nothing happened, nothing was revealed at the conference.[note 2] They also claimed to have traveled to Ukraine to investigate this whole mess. They provided a Turkish Airlines boarding pass[note 3] and 10 Ukrainian hryvniaWikipedia's W.svg[note 4][note 5]as proof that they went to Ukraine to investigate.[29].

3 October, might be the most absurd of all the Whol press conferences, where they released their allegation that Elizabeth Warren was secretly into hardcore BDSM. Yes, you read that correctly. The person coming forward was purported to be a former "Marine" that was physically scared by the experience. Granted, he had trouble reading through his own write up without chuckling at points. Also people found the dude's Instagram during the presser and asked him about a photo that showed the same scar he was presenting as proof of the encounters, with the caption "Hit my back with a chain trying to take down a swing." from 2016. He just shrugged in reply.[30][31] Oh, and it was then revealed he was lying about exactly when he was a Marine, claiming to be in Afghanistan in 2012, while military records note him being enlisted from 2014 to 2016. That previously mentioned Instagram account also has him counting down until his enlistment in 2014...[32] Now, Wohl did get attention on this claim. Saturday Night Live made fun of it... [33]

9 October, Jacob and Burkman held a press conference to reveal the Kamala Harris was having an extramarital affair with her personal trainer. It was the typical shitshow: Jacob taking selfies with a 17 year old girl who's "cute blond" (Jacob's words), hecklers, a "pastor" who spoke before Jacob, who used the phrase "damn it be the whore!", Jacob threatening everyone with a hose that they didn't realize was shut off by a heckler like 2 seconds after they turned it on in front of everyone. Unlike the Warren accusation, this one was bog-standard extramarital affair. [34] Then it was revealed that the guy who was presented as the personal trainer was hired via Craigslist and thought it was an addition for a role, and had no clue Kamala Harris was a real politician. Then didn't pay the dude the $500 they promised him.[35][note 6]

On 11 October, Jack Burkman tweeted out that there would be a press conference where they would reveal Nancy Pelosi and Adam SchiffWikipedia's W.svg’s former drug dealer.[36] It was originally supposed to be on 14 October, 17 October. Due to high winds (Yes, really) it has now been moved to 21 October 2:30pm.[37]

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