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Jeff Wyatt on the lost crusade in 2019
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The Nazi Germans perpetrated this against the people of Germany. They perpetrated the control and the fascism that we are experiencing now. It’s nothing short of a re-run of the Nazi playbook.
—Jeff Wyatt on COVID-19 pandemic health measures[1][2]
It’s the ultimate tribute – because where we are heading is where the Jews went.
—Jeff Wyatt on the appropriation of the yellow star by the antivax movement[3]

Jeff Wyatt (1964–2022) was a failed UKIP candidate for Milton Keynes, and deputy leader of the short-lived far-right Islamaphobic splinter group the For Britain Movement,Wikipedia[4] who, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, was best known for dressing up as a crusader and being aggressively on the wrong side of history.[5][6][7][8]

Jeff Wyatt's ultimate tribute act

During the pandemic, Wyatt became a prominent anti-vax and anti-lockdown campaigner, recognizable by his yellow star armband emblazoned with “not vaccinated” in English and German,[3] which he claimed — despite the protests of actual Holocaust survivors[9] — was "the ultimate tribute", as the UK government was instigating genocide against the people and where the Jews ended up was where the people of Britain were headed.[1][2]

Bear in mind in the 1930s, the Nazis didn’t just suddenly become the tyrants they were – they slowly had their evil way over the public of Germany. And the Jews, for years and years, said ‘just do what they say’ – and eventually they gassed them. — Jeff Wyatt[3]

His flagrant disregard for legal regulation was not, however, limited merely to Godwin's law.

On May 16, 2020, shortly after the lifting of the first lockdown, Wyatt was arrested alongside Piers Corbyn at an anti-lockdown/anti-5G protest in London's Hyde Park.[10] They were subsequently charged with offences under the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations 2020.[11] The two would unrepentantly go on to lead many such protests across the UK.[12][13][14]

Wyatt celebrated Christmas 2021 with Corbyn by co-leading a "Let the UK Live" anti-vax "freedom rally" in his home town of Milton Keynes, which, despite his local knowledge, got confused, mistook a test-and-trace centre for a vaccine centre,[15] and ended up disrupting Ashley Banjo & Diversity's performance of the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime at the Milton Keynes Theatre.[16] Fellow Milton Keynes-based COVID-19 denialist John O'Looney was unable to attend, as he was in the ICU having discovered first-hand the reality of the pandemic.[17]

Jeff Wyatt's eulogy

In September 2022, Wyatt joined the curiously long list of antivaxxers who "died suddenly" during the pandemic, and, in a sure sign of a crusader who chose poorly, ended up being eulogised on the blogs of UKIP[18] and David Icke.[19]


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