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Liberty GB was a quite clearly slightly bonkers authoritarian far-right party from the UK, who it seems are attempting to out-UKIP the actual UKIP. They were deregistered from the Electoral Commission in November 2017.[1]

A brief run down[edit]

Their "Mission Statement" contained all the canards from the classics 'we're not racist but...' to 'Not as bad as...' with such choice examples as "the hijacking of traditional British culture by well-organised left-wing 'progressives' and "Britain could be a wonderful country again, but it will take politics bordering on the revolutionary to achieve this vision"[2]

A quick glance at their 'Popular Articles' showed such choice titles as:

The organisation to which the Robinson line refers is Quilliam, which is attacked in another of their articles as a front. This is ironic as they seem to be a highly astroturfed think-tank that deals in flip-floppery, previously at the expense of tax payers.[3] Quite how much sense they'll be able to get out of an ex head of the EDL and former Islamic Extremists, is anybodys guess.

The slightly more worrying and crazy bits (of the cabinet)[edit]

Judging by their 'Statement of Ideology',[4] they wished to return to an absolute morality of a Christian persuasion; they have a basic anti-immigration stance; and they seem to want computers and Christ, but no Muslims nor human welfare. They were a prime example of absurd positionism.

The Ten Point 'Plan' to Save Britain[edit]

  1. Introduce a US Style First Amendment to Protect Free Speech
  2. Leave the undemocratic European Union
  3. Abolish the Human Rights Act, which benefits mainly foreign criminals/terrorists
  4. Halt any immigration for a period of five years
  5. Deport all foreign criminals and illegal immigrants
  6. Abolish all multicultural and equality quangoesWikipedia
  7. Halt and turn back all aspects of the Islamisation of Britain
  8. Drastically reduce crime, criminals should fear the consequences of their behavior
  9. Repair the damage wreaked by the progressive educational establishment
  10. Promote British values and integration, rather than multiculturalism and division[5]

The Ten Point 'Plan' to Save Britain as looked at by a Brit with half a brain[edit]

  1. We have this to some degree, but not through a single formal written constitution.
  2. Ah, Euroscepticism. Elected MEPs are apparently not democratic.
  3. Just No, Not Even Wrong, Absurd and Insane.
  4. Classic UKIP. That would also stop all the handy graduates, tourists, workers and such who contribute to the economy.
  5. Foreign 'criminals' are not all prosecuted for murder or other serious crimes. Immigrants are often illegal because they are desperate to escape a ghastly situation and no legal route is available. Blanket deportation is basically a huge betrayal of human rights.
  6. Whilst multiculturalism has some flaws and quangoes should be outlawed by default there are better non 'Cultural' reasons.
  7. Really, plain 'Islamist' Muslims are a minority, here the politicians have done more damage by Privatising things, even with terrorist acts such as 7/7 bombings.
  8. Crime is at its lowest levels since records began. A more honest point would have been "bring back hanging, because we like to kill people we don't like."
  9. Education here is a mess (look at the OECD reports), but the causes I differ on; Blair and Gove.
  10. Promoting a skewed vision of the undefined at the illiterate using the apathetic, clearly sensible.

What a lovely rational bunch of people. They also stand for women's rights, which should be very easy to ensure once they've completed Item 3 of their plan to "take over the world" – or rather, mad dream to turn the UK back into a more theocratic state, with the help of Jesus and Friends.

One just has to wonder who was behind them, frankly, although seeing as George Whale was involved, one can take an educated guess.

Footnotes and references[edit]

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