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Marian Van Court is an advocate of eugenics, sometime scientific collaborator of IQ researcher and eugenics advocate Richard Lynn, and an anti-semite.

Writing on white supremacist website Counter-Currents, and building on the anti-semitic "research" of neo-Nazi Kevin MacDonald that basically claims that political correctness, non-white immigration and much more besides stem from a Jewish conspiracy against Western civilisation, she claims that eugenics was deliberately made into a pariah belief among gentiles in the late 1960s by a cabal of Jewish critics, while Israel simultaneously pursued eugenics for its people in secret. She suggests that this was a deliberate and successful attempt by Jews to reduce the genetic fitness of non-Jewish people, and that this might constitute a crime against humanity. She provides no evidence that the 1960s critics of eugenic ideas who happened to be Jewish knew of eugenic efforts in Israel.[1]

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