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Media Matters for America is a liberal media watchdog, concerned with combating conservative media bias. They famously produced the documentary Outfoxed which demonstrates the bias in Fox News.[1]

Media Matters also tracks and debunks pseudoscience favored by conservatives, including creationism,[2] global warming denialism,[3] and bogus claims about abortion.[4]

According to Bill O'Reilly, former Fox News entertainer, Media Matters is a far-left wing hate group funded by George Soros' shadow party. Although Soros donated US$1 million to Media Matters in 2010, this is his only connection to the organization.[5]

Media Matters is far from unbiased itself, as could be expected from an organization founded by David "Anita Hill is a Perjuring Lesbian" Brock.[note 1] One of their studies purportedly demonstrating conservative bias in newspapers due to conservatives dominating op-ed pages was criticized for weighting columnists syndicated in local rags the same as ones syndicated in major newspapers.[6]

In March of 2014, Media Matters launched Mythopedia, a sort of quick and dirty refutation of claims.[7]

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  1. Brock was (in)famous for his antics during the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, but he is working for the other side now.