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All News Pipeline

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Some dare call it
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All News Pipeline or ANP is a conspiracy theorist news site. It was founded in July 2014 by Stefan Mark Stanford (aka Live Free or Die) and Susan Duclos,[1] two contributors to Before It's News, who thought BIN was too soft on reporting the truth about everything (though they still occasionally post to BIN as well).

Nearly every one of their rants features Alex Jones, and many contain grammatical errors. Its articles are sufficiently wacky that many people cry Poe, but it seems that it is in fact entirely sincere.

It also features video interviews with fellow conspiracy theorists.

The site has a huge fear of shills, even compared to other, more well-known conspiracy theorist sites. Many true believers have been banned from the site due to tiny quarrels with the site admin, who watches the comments intent to catch anyone who dares question his assertions. Your quick ban will come with a side order; a comment accusing you of being a shill, a deleted comment or both if you get the 'Admin is having a bad day' special.[note 1]

Greatest hits of ANP[edit]

The entire article archive is worth a glance, if only for the article titles.

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  1. Every other comment in the more popular articles is just the staff making accusations of shilling