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Meghan Murphy
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Meghan Murphy is a Canadian journalist and writer, who founded and operates the website Feminist Current, and was a writer for the online magazine until 2016. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a master's degree in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies in 2012.[1] Among other things, she is notorious for her opposition to third-wave feminism and her refusal to see transgender women as real women.

Misgendering of trans women[edit]

Murphy groups trans women together with cis men by analysing sex instead of gender as a class,[2] arguing that trans women were socialized as male,[3] while apparently ignoring the fact that many transgender women have spent a good part (perhaps even most) of their lives living as women and thus being perceived and "socialized" as female. She regards trans women merely as "gender non-conforming male(s)"[3] and denies that they are treated in any manner comparable to (or in some cases, worse than) cisgender women, despite evidence that trans women do indeed suffer from such phenomena as the wage gap,[4] high levels of sexual violence,[5][6] and the trans panic "defense".[7]

Worse still, Murphy repeatedly and quite deliberately misgenders trans women by referring to them as "he" and "him",[3] and has characterized the use of the pronoun "she" to refer to trans women as "gaslighting of women".[8] In 2018, this continued behaviour resulted in the permanent suspension her Twitter account;[9] she contested this with a lawsuit which was dismissed in June 2019.[10]

Persecution complex[edit]

Murphy maintains a persecution complex by conflating her trans-exclusionary strain of "feminism" with feminism in general, thus claiming that those who oppose the former are opposing feminism itself,[11] and similarly, framing cherry-picked instances of backlash against certain women who express transphobic talking points as an attack on women in general.[3] Accordingly, she maintains that the term "TERF" is not merely a slur, but actual hate speech, citing an example of violence and instances of people calling for violence against TERFs.[12] These claims are comparable to those from the far-right declaring "homophobe" or "misogynist" to be slurs or hate speech, which are similarly accompanied by anecdotal evidence.[13] In addition, Murphy skips over examples of violence threatened, abetted or committed by TERFs against transgender people.[14][15][16][17][18]

To be clear, we at RationalWiki do not condone violence (or calls to violence) against anyone, whether TERF, homophobe or misogynist.

Sex workers[edit]

Murphy also holds sex-worker-exclusionary (SWERF) positions. In 2015, she described transgender actress Laverne Cox's nude photo shot for the magazine Allure as a "sexualized object" and "defined by patriarchal/porn culture",[19] prompting a petition by a sex workers' lobby group which accused her of both transphobia and racism and called for to cut ties with her, although the petition was ultimately rejected.[20]

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