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Washington Examiner

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The Washington Examiner is a right-wing political journal that is heavy on psychological projection and denialism. It could be thought of as's more "respectable" cousin but even then, the site looks like a tabloid desperately trying to pass itself off as real news. It's not uncommon to see it used as a source among more extreme right-wingers who seem to like how proper the site pretends to be. Media Bias Fact check, after all, believes this site's reporting to be highly factual; therefore, the positions it advances is cogent.

On science issues, the site is pretty abysmal. Global warming denialism is rampant,[1] as is myths about DDT bans and other anti-environmentalist rhetoric,[2] leading to the site having a weird obsession with defending coal as being not all that damaging to the environment.[3] Also, Barack Obama only beat Mitt Romney because of the damned liberal media,[4] with implementing socialism being part of Obama's (and liberals) master plan.[5][6] The site also appeals to railing for the "fuck you I got mine" boostrap sentiments of fiscal conservatives.[7] Also, they regurgitate "IQ is hereditary" as a mud sling against their imaginary low-IQ alarmist strawmen. Basically the site is what you'd expect from a publication that makes most of its money from winding up wingnuts.

The print version of the Washington Examiner is given away to commuters at Washington, DC-area subway stations, where its main competitor is the Washington Post's Express.