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The Washington Examiner is an American right-wing news website and political journal that is heavy on psychological projection and denialism. It could be thought of as Townhall.com's more "respectable" cousin, but even then, the site looks like a tabloid desperately trying to pass itself off as real news. Although their reporting has been rated as factually mixed after failed fact checks,[1] it is common to see them used as a source among more extreme right-wingers, who seem to like how proper the site pretends to be.

On science issues, the site is pretty abysmal. Global warming denialism is rampant,[2] as is myths about DDT bans and other anti-environmentalist rhetoric,[3] leading to the site having a weird obsession with defending coal as being not all that damaging to the environment.[4] Also, Barack Obama only beat Mitt Romney because of the damned liberal media,[5] with implementing socialism being part of Obama's (and liberals) master plan.[6][7] The site also appeals to railing for the "fuck you I got mine" sentiments of fiscal conservatives.[8] Also, they regurgitate "IQ is hereditary" as a mud sling against their imaginary low-IQ alarmist strawmen. Basically the site is what you'd expect from a publication that makes most of its money from winding up wingnuts.

Surprisingly, in 2018 the Examiner exposed a culture of alcohol abuse, sexual assault, and debauchery at the 2017 Student Action Summit, an event sponsored by Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA.[9]

Until ceasing publication in 2013, the print version of the Examiner was given away to commuters at Washington, DC area subway stations, where its main competitor was the Washington Post Express.[10][11]


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