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Describing oneself as politically incorrect is on nearly every occasion an admission on the part of the speaker that the audience is about to be sold a line of ignorant bullshit.

Code phrase[edit]

"Politically incorrect" is often a code-phrase, often used by bigots when describing their ideas, which roughly translates as "now this will offend the imaginary liberals in my brain." Labelling one's self as "politically incorrect" is one of the easiest means by which to rebrand your own intolerance, racism, or homophobia as a fight against Big Government Intervention. This is done all the time by people who are fundamentally against any kind of equal rights. Their basic claim is that they must be right because people who think women are equal or that gay men should be allowed to marry too are "just being politically correct" about it.

If you are going to use "politically incorrect" humor, remember that the best humor is thoughtful humor that challenges the power structure rather than predictably ridiculing the less fortunate.[2][3]

Politically (and factually) incorrect science[edit]

For whatever reason, "PC" has attached itself to various science produced by "liberal academia." For example, the "journalist" Tom Bethell claims to deliver politically incorrect truths about "PC science" to the masses. This "PC science" apparently includes evolution, global warming, AIDS epidemics, the theory of relativity, and much, much more! Satoshi Kanazawa, an advocate for pop evolutionary psychology that acts as a rationalization for bigotry, has asserted: "human nature is simply not politically correct."[4]

Bill Maher's show[edit]

It was also the name of Bill Maher's television show from the late-'90s, born on Comedy Central and later picked up by ABC. It was cancelled when he argued that the 9/11 hijackers were not actually "cowards."

Politically Incorrect Guides[edit]

See the main entry at Regnery Publishing

The conservative Regnery Publishing prints a series of books called the Politically Incorrect Guides or P.I.Gs, which are largely written by wingnuts living in an alternate universe.

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