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Pranic healing

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Pranic healing is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine that claims to utilise "prana," or "life energy", to heal the body. "Prana" is the Sanskrit word for qi. It also uses chakras and acupuncture meridians. Deepak Chopra is quite a fan.


For a practice claiming roots going back thousands of years, it is quite recent, the book Pranic Healing having been published only in 1984. The woo-meister who synthesized the present form of pranic healing was Choa Kok Sui, the Grand Master, whose variant is called MCKS Pranic Healing.[1]

MCKS Pranic Healing claims only to complement medicine that works, not replace it. They focus on healing, not curing, don't you know. The possibility of being arrested for practicing pseudomedicine has, of course, nothing to do with this.


The practitioner does not touch the patient, who sits eyes closed, palms upward, tongue on roof of mouth. The practitioner scans the client's energy body, to determine the size and state of the chakras. The energy body is cleansed and energised using a crystal.

Evidence of effectiveness[edit]

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