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RationalWiki:Articles for deletion/I Fucking Love Science

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I Fucking Love Science | Result: Inconclusive[edit]

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  1. Its clickbait garbage that deserves a good RationalWiki thrashing NerdyWizardyou believed that why? 09:53, 24 July 2014 (UTC)
  2. Seems to have gotten a lot of upvotes on the suggestion page, I don't see how it's not wanted. Zero (talk - contributions) 11:18, 24 July 2014 (UTC)
  3. It and its author are getting out to further than FB. A wanted article, even if the current version isn't the greatest - David Gerard (talk) 15:09, 24 July 2014 (UTC) Is much-improved - David Gerard (talk) 07:56, 25 July 2014 (UTC)
  4. I'm pretty sure it's on mission here, plenty of room for catching misinformation, from what I've seen of them Ikanreed (talk) 20:44, 25 July 2014 (UTC)


  1. Beyond being a popular facebook page/website that posts about science stuff and is slowly going the way of every other facebook group, i don't see this ever being a article we need to coverMiekal 02:00, 24 July 2014 (UTC)
  2. In one year, will anyone care that this Facebook page existed? Probably not. AugustusCaesar (talk) 02:46, 24 July 2014 (UTC)
  3. Meh, it's just some trendy clickbait Facebook page. Not worth our time, especially since a good amount of what they post is just trendy garbage. Reckless Noise Symphony (talk) 07:36, 24 July 2014 (UTC)
  4. Yeah. "So what?" is what I say too. Do we need a page on every tupenny ha'penny website that's got some connection to science/religion/politics? And it's another fucking stub. If you've got nothing to write about something, don't bloddy bother! Spud (talk) 12:36, 24 July 2014 (UTC)