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RationalWiki:Moderator elections/Election booth/Archive10

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The nicest bunch of assholes on RationalWiki


Shills & Whores

Voting system[edit]

RationalWiki uses single transferable vote.Wikipedia For a primer on how to use STV, see here or here.

We're electing 6 moderators (current mods list) & 2 alternates (top 2 runners-up, for use if a mod leaves).

In short: the top 8 STV candidates will get mod or a shot at mod.

Please note that RationalWiki does not have a secret ballot system. If voting fraud is suspected by election officials, ballots are open to forensic examination.

Voting eligibility[edit]

By the date of the vote, eligible voters must:

  • Have been registered for 3 or more months
  • Have 75 or more edits


  1. User:Bigs
  2. User:Bongolian
  3. User:CheeseburgerFace
  4. User:Christopher
  5. User:Cosmikdebris
  6. User:CowHouse
  7. User:DiamondDisc1
  8. User:Kazitor
  9. User:LeftyGreenMario
  10. User:Nerd
  11. User:Pbfreespace3
  12. User:Spud
  13. User:Xbony2

Voting booth[edit]

Polls are closed.