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There are ? candidates for 4 positions and 0 alternates.

For candidate statements and discussion please review the campaigning page.

The voting system is based on the single transferable voteWikipedia system. Voters may vote for as many or as few of the candidates as they want. They should rank their choices in the order of preference, using none to not vote at that preference level. Questions on the voting procedure should be directed to the talk page. For technical issues with the voting extension please post at RationalWiki:Technical support.

The candidates are:

  1. 142․124․55․236
  2. Alec Sanderson‏‎
  3. Aloysius the Gaul
  4. Arisboch
  5. Captain Wolff
  6. ChrisAmiss
  7. CorruptUser
  8. David Gerard
  9. EddieMonah
  10. FuzzyCatPotato
  11. Genghis Khant
  12. Gooniepunk
  13. Human
  14. Ikanreed
  15. KOMF
  16. NarkySawtooth
  17. Noir LeSable
  18. PacWalker
  19. Paravant‏‎
  20. Queex
  21. Revolverman‏‎
  22. ScepticWombat
  23. Serocco
  24. Smerdis of Tlön
  25. Spud‏‎
  26. Stabby the Misanthrope‏‎