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What is going on?

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What is going on?[edit]

April 2012[edit]

10Awc leaves out of boredom, saying Philip "does not engage with the evidence." Philip disagrees and moans about "worldview glasses."

March 2012[edit]

9PJR: "Atheism will kill science eventually, because atheism says that it's all just an accident. An accident provides no meaning to discover."
9Nothing left, except PJR versus the Spambots.

December 2011[edit]

5Non-creationist Christians have false beliefs.
4 PJR vs Australian Academy of Science policy [1]

August 2011[edit]

1Branching out to the choo-choo lines of other countries, we start with Ecuador!

May 2011[edit]

0Somebody edit sprees just as much here as on CP.

April 2011[edit]

9Philip finally finds someone as intolerably tedious as he is to get moist with over 10,000 byte walls of text spewing more made-up bullshit. All is right in their worlds.

February 2011[edit]

4ASK's reputation begins to spread among its intended audience - of punk rock fans.

January 2011[edit]

-8In answer to your question Awc, no.
4Long-time friend of the site Ace McWicked gets fed up, blocks Philip with a comment that alas, we shall never know, and is duly banned for a year .