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File.svg This page is pretty much dead, but is being retained as a memorial. Please edit it to keep it fresh!
Citizendium and thus this page has either outlived its usefulness, or, through neglect and/or indifference, become mostly unused.
If you wish to reinvigorate it, just pitch in and add something.
Icon citizendium.svg Keep up to date with how nothing is going on at the alternate Wikipedia, Citizendium, with our rolling reports of the "happenings" there. Older entries are found in the archives.

What is going on?

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Note: Citizendium is a bit like a bad horror film: just when you think it's dead, it comes back and does something ridiculous. That said, we're pretty much documenting its terminal decline now. The WIGO is, however, still open to entries.

March 2023[edit]

1There was a backlog of new user account requests going back several months, which seems to have been cleared. The project isn't dead just yet!

January 2023: A Make-or-Break Year for Citizendium?[edit]

1The financial report has been redesigned to reflect the switch to annual reporting. The report for 2022 shows a net gain of $491.99 in funds (+3,433.66 donations; -2,764.38 expenses).

December 2022[edit]

4The financial report will now be updated annually instead of monthly. The next update is supposed to go up at the end of this month, but who knows if that will actually happen.

November 2022[edit]

5So many edits! So many edits! Nov. 9th alone received a mammoth 29 edits!

October 2022[edit]

3It's now six month since the financial report was last updated. The Queen's death did get reported on the day it happened, but if you read the UK article Boris Johnson is still PM.

August 2022[edit]

2Still no update to the financial report, but the wiki is active - or at least it is at first glance. Looking more closely shows that George Swan is responsible for about 400 of the 500 most recent edits, and most of the others are by Peter Jackson and Pat Palmer. Still 500 edits in 14 days is very good going for Citizendium.

June 2022[edit]

2The financial report hasn’t been updated since March 2022. Really gives you confidence in CZ’s finances, doesn’t it?

April 2022[edit]

2The financial report gets a "minor update" revealing that the server operation now costs $99.00.
3Pat says "fuck it, we're using upstream MediaWiki now".

March 2022[edit]

4A Citizendium software upgrade is taking place, and "We don't recommend that you edit at this time, lest you lose the changes. User accounts will be recreated on the new server, and you will get a new password when that happens." "This is a necessary growing pain." Then the import had to be redone.

January 2022: A Make-or-Break Year for Citizendium?[edit]

1After a relative boom in activity in late 2020 and 2021, Citizendium is back to being moribund, having recent days with no edits. One of the few things going on is the ongoing maintenance of the article on macrobiotics. What little information there is on current practitioners in the current version of the article reveals that quite a few important practitioners died in 2021.
2Report is updated, showing donations coming up short of monthly hosting costs for the rest of 2021. But Citizendium can endure for a while as long as someone wants to keep the lights on.
6New Year, same old NIGO entry as Citizendium still hasn't updated the financial report since September 2021.