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File.svg This page is pretty much dead, but is being retained as a memorial. Please edit it to keep it fresh!
Citizendium and thus this page has either outlived its usefulness, or, through neglect and/or indifference, become mostly unused.
If you wish to reinvigorate it, just pitch in and add something.
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Keep up to date with how nothing is going on at the alternate Wikipedia, Citizendium, with our rolling reports of the "happenings" there. We report, you decide which entries are worthy of thumbs up and down! If you are contributing for the first time please read the instruction manual. For older entries, have a look at the archives.

What is going on?

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What is going on?[edit]

Note: Citizendium is a bit like a bad horror film: just when you think it's dead, it comes back and does something ridiculous. The WIGO is still open to entries, but gaps of five days without edits just aren't newsworthy anymore. Maybe they'll be back at a later date, or maybe the rot will continue.

October 2019[edit]

3Over the last year, the donations have finally crashed to near-nothing. Probably because some people realised they had an auto pay they didn't mean to. They still have about two years of funds left, but this vanity project is finally on the road out.

September 2019[edit]

4Over the past two weeks, almost every edit has been done by Peter and John Leach, who seems to be focusing on F1 and sports-related articles. At least CZ is more active now, but is it really worth it for just two editors?

August 2019[edit]


It is now a full year since CZ last had a new user.


Citizendium is back to two active users, Peter Jackson again and ‎Hayford Peirce who only edited to update the financial report.

July 2019[edit]

5In the last 14 days, Peter Jackson has made 52 of the 53 edits.[1]
4The first 23 days of July have been busy with nearly 4 edits a day on average! Peter Jackson made 72 of the 84 edits (86%), 47 of them (55% of the month's edits) to Pali Canon or subpages. Hans Addler (8 edits), Paul Wormer (3) and Martin Wyatt (1) are the others flogging the dead horse.[2]

June 2019[edit]

3A whopping 18 edits made over the last seven days, new record! Screenshot here They also noticed the WP shitstorm over our status as a "notable" site, although they mistook us for an encyclopedia
5Citizendium to be set up on a new server... eventually.
7Our friend Pete continues to dominate the show, with all of the edits made from June 11th to June 18th (the date of the last edit) being made by his hand. [3][4]
5It's the Peter Jackson show - 24 of the 29 edits so far in June have been made by Peter, Martin is in second place with a massive 3 edits while in joint third we have Stephen and John with 1 each.[5]
8In the first six five months of the year, 0 edits have been made by editors identifying as female.[6]

May 2019[edit]

7May on Citizendium:
  • Articles edited: 16 (including subpages and redirects)
  • New articles created: 0
  • Other pages edited: 7 (incuding user pages)
  • Images uploaded: 1 (Mandarin Pressed Duck) (the first new image since November[7])
  • Editors: 4 (Hayford, Peter, Martin, Phil)
  • New editors: 0

April 2019[edit]

4Another $5 donation. Citizendium is raking in the big bucks.
3The financial report shows no increase in the total funds column from December to January, even though a $30 donation was apparently received. Incredibly nitpicky, I know, but let's just see how long it takes to get fixed.
12In the first 90 days of 2019 on Citizendium, there have been:
  • 0 new articles created
  • 1 other page created: Talk:Pali Canon/Citeable version (which basically says the citable version is wrong and should not be cited)
  • 2 articles moved: Republic of Macedonia → North Macedonia; Swaziland → Eswatini
  • 34 articles edited (including subpages). The most edited are: New Mexico State Wrestling Championships, Rio Rancho High School, Collected Editions of Shakespeare, United Kingdom exit from the European Union/Timelines‎ and William Shakespeare/Works
  • 9 editors: Peter, Martin, Hayford, Justin, David, Richard, Phil, John, Pradyumma
  • 0 new editors[8]
English Wikipedia's newest user with edits is 4 minutes old, all the other metrics have been exceeded in the last 1 minute.

March 2019[edit]

8The absolutely critical update of a five-dollar donation to CZ is a third of the month's 6 edits.[1] John, Phil, and Martin seem to have returned to the graves from whence they came.

February 2019[edit]

7"[T]his is a dead project and it's got no prospects of being otherwise." -Justin hits the nail on the head in a discussion about a cock-up in moving the article about North Macedonia.[9]
6Citizendium currently has 4 users to have contributed in the past 30 days: Peter, John, Phil, and Martin. CZ is coming back to life...Do You Believe That?

January 2019: A Make-or-Break Year for Citizendium? [edit]

12John Stephenson announces that Larry Sanger has stepped in as the project's "technical lead" - despite having not edited since September 2012.
6Former Managing Editor Anthony Sebastian has died.img
21CZ enters the final stage. Its heavyweight Peter Jackson with 26 edits over 11 days in the last month, vs featherweight Martin Wyatt with 6 edits on a single day last month. Will the last person out please remember to turn off the lights.
20The CZ is starting 2019 with another new record. Only three active users left. They are: Phil Hermanns, Martin Wyatt and MVP Peter Jackson. Peter still remains the only user to edit since 13 December, almost three weeks ago at this stage.