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December 2011[edit]

4Meet the new social "sciences" of "pulchronomics" and "sexonomics."
14"Mars visitors Basiago and Stillings confirm Barack Obama traveled to Mars"
-10Republicans are trying to make America into Pottersville by destroying Social Security, and, presumably, banning the private philanthropy and cooperation represented by George Bailey.
10And Internet memes go full-on political. Cue the hippie straw men!
29Ron Polland of WorldNetDaily officially challenges FactCheck's non-profit status, which they clearly violated by claiming Obama's short-form birth certificate was adequate.
11Aw, bless! The Kinsey Report is a myth, according to you-know-who.
5Romney gets Bush's endorsement. For tension purposes, we won't say which one.
-18The Long Revolution got underway in the U.K. last month as two million workers marched onto the streets. The biggest crowds were found in that infamous proletarian slumhole, Oxford, which unknown to everyone else is located in "the southwestern part of the United Kingdom."
13News item: Kim Jong-il dies. Twitter nation responds: "Is this true??? Did LiL Kim DiE??? I'm here on Twitter cuz if so this where the facts go 1st"
18The 45 Worst Fox News Moments Of 2011
7The obituary of the greatest man (sorry second greatest) Man to ever live.
15Hitch continues to troll idiot theists from beyond the grave.
14So, how are all the good Christians reacting to the death of Christopher Hitchens? Drinking buddy William Bennett says: "And I hope as the big atheist that he was, he’s in for a big surprise." Rick Warren tweets of his "friend": "He knows the Truth now." And Bryan Fischer basically says: For God so loved Hitch that He has sent him to hell to burn in everlasting torment. Lovely. UPDATE: Ross Douthat chimes in -- "He was not so much a disbeliever as a rebel." Yeah, right.
26More from the Fox News graphics department: Mitt Romney is President Obama.
9Britain continues to have a racism problem.
15Rick "Frothy Mixture" Santorum says the Obama administration didn't really get bin Laden because "the decision had been made ten years ago." Meanwhile in Iraq...
-7Rachel Maddow: Hey look, I'm just going to focus on the one decent thing about Ron Paul and make the Internet Paulbots go crazy again!
-15Beware Frank Luntz's frame: he's trying to say that "capitalism" means "the opposite of socialism." Just like that infamous neoliberal corporate shill, Karl Marx, said when he coined the term.
15Fox News: 8.6% is equal to 9% and greater than 8.8%, Utah is Nevada, and Vermont is New Hampshire. That is all.
27The 25 Dumbest Comments On Lowe's Facebook Page About All-American Muslim
22White upper-class Republican TV personality calls white voters who support a white upper-class Republican candidate racist.
39WND paid serious money to have a plane fly over Cowboys Stadium in Arlington with a banner reading "Where's the Real Birth Certificate?" The domed roof of Cowboys Stadium.
11Epilepsy is only the first step in Big Brother's master plan to reprogram your brain.
15Life begins at conception. Therefore, Barbara Boxer is wrong about climate change.
5The epic fight between a cold-blooded amphibian adulterer and a climate denying Mormon nobody! Who shall become the next Lincoln?
8Margaret Wente tries to pull a Heritage Foundation. She receives so many negative comments that half of the response page is censored.
17"The transsexual registration act will be no different from what pedophiles have to go through." Clearly, the full force of law should be brought against transsexual people because I'm insecure about accidentally being attracted to one!
13Militant Atheism Exposed The majority of scientists have turned against religion, there has to be something wrong with the way they do science. There can’t be any problem with religion.
11"We acknowledge that both atheistic and theistic beliefs can legitimately claim reasonable epistemic warrant." And never mind that if religion could claim "epistemic warrant", it would be called "science."
6If you think science is a more reliable source of knowledge than religion, that's just, like, scientism, man. (HT Jerry Coyne)
-14The Evil US Empire is about to fire upon its protesting heathen citizens! Quick, get your tin foil hats!
4A creationist spams TED comments with some PRATTs and some not even wrong.Hat-tip to FSTDT
4A hearing on banning chemtrails was to be held on 6 December in Suffolk County, Long Island. A bill has been drafted.
14Them Muppets is Commies! Commies, I tells ya! Fox News told me so!
-20Chris Hedges, M.Div., puts on the sermonizing cap to try and shake Trinity Episcopal Church in New York down for a new OWS headquarters: "Churches ... that hold unused physical space have a moral imperative to turn them over to Occupy movements."
-24HERESY! Those noted right-wing lap-dogs, the AFL-CIO and the Daily Kos, have committed the unthinkable act of putting forth a list of "demands from the 99%" without the imprimatur of the Occupy Wall Street Central Committees for Media and Labor Outreach.
19Saudi Arabian religious council: Letting women drive will eliminate virginity, make the men go gay, and cause pornography to flood society!
2A year ago, it was apparently "inconceivable" that Islamists should get power in Egypt. Indeed, it was inconceivable to some people; but not to others.
4The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season! Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason. It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right. It could be, perhaps, that he endured a "savage battery" at the hands of department-store Christmas music and singing fish.
17News flash! Wood found at Mt. Ararat is not from the ark.
2David Brooks: Germany is wealthy, not on account of the Protestant work ethic, but on account of a moral formula by which effort leads to reward.
21Ray Comfort: "I don't spell badly, I'm actually hip and cool and into texting, unlike Richard Dawkins."