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November 2011[edit]

7Anthony Watts spies the enviro-conspiracy at the UN as revealed in the Climategate II e-mails...while skipping over the DuPont address.
27Looks like Britain still has a racism problem.
-17Mock trials against the Dirty Petroleum Pigs are underway at Occupy Wall Street. The prosecutor, a yellow-journalist known for slinging reckless conspiracy-theoretic charges in all directions, will present you with all the evidence; just buy his book for $35.
1This year's bill for funding the U.S. military has has really got this blogger upset, as he calls it a "Soviet proposal" implementing "Sino-Chinese security policy."
16Same sex marriage violates the fifth and fourteenth amendments, as a feminist conspiracy for women to enter into gay marriages for the tax benefits. From a protege of Phyllis Schlafly.
13Some facts about Iceland that the American media doesn't want you to know: (1) it is a member of the EU; (2) it had an "agrarian collapse" in the 9th century, despite its not even having any agriculture to collapse until the end of that century. UPDATE: Naomi Klein endorses the article and fact-checkers find almost more errors in it than there are words.
13"Earth has become the battleground for extra-terrestrials to advance their own political agenda for the future of the planet..."
11Why use half-baked personality tests to make personnel decisions when you've got the power of astrology? (Now with 100% more Brazilian supermodel link bait.)
12This week in theocratic doublethink...
3Graham Spanier and Linda Katehi at one point served on the same academia-FBI liaison council. Therefore, this council must be abolished, since the FBI used it not only to tell Katehi to have protesters pepper-sprayed at UC Davis, but to help Spanier cover up abuse at Penn State.
-3For those who wish to turn the Thanksgiving dinner table into a full-blown critique of global capitalism, some tips: Drop the jargon and use plain language, such as, "Did you see that video of the police cracking down on the non-violent student protesters?"
13From the man who resigned after Muslim students complained about him being an asshole comes The Cult of Atheism - with extra added bonus chilling font.
-4Irony meters take a beating as Prof. Henry A. Giroux launches a broadside against "intellectuals who have retreated into arcane discourses" and make "few connections with audiences outside of the academy or to the myriad issues that bear down on everyday lives."
17The Coultergeist on OWS: "It just took a few shootings at Kent State to shut that down for good."
321: Claim there is a conspiracy.
2: Faced with the reality that there is no conspiracy, claim credit for killing the conspiracy
8Comment Is Free, but woo is sacred, as a freeman on the land gets space in the Guardian.
10Climategate is not enough, Mr. Bond Mann.
10Can't cover-up the mass libertarian faults in 2008? Pull the Greece straw man, and blame everything on the students.
8Mike Adams reveals the most outrageous cover-ups of modern life, including water fluoridation, fake honey, Ron Paul press coverage, and much more!
22Let's string pro-vaccine people up! As in, literally lynch employees of the CDC
13From the man who brought you the "Gaystapo" (see below), Stonewall giving Melanie Phillips a (well-deserved) "Bigot of the Year Award" is giving her a yellow star to wear.
9Chuck Norris weighs in on vaccines.
12Watch... erm, Rick.. erm, Perry's campaign... erm, end... er... erm... I can't remember the rest, but, erm... watch it, do... yes... It, erm... does, something... erm. What was I talking about? ...erm... THE EPA IS EVIL!! Yes... erm...
16Theology insufficiently sophisticated to have heard of Mike Godwin. (This one made the papers.)
40We sorry to hear you've stopped coming to Church, so fuck off and die.
12Pamela Geller: YouTube is a well-known pro-Jihadi outlet subject to Sharia law.
14How the "virtuocracy" really caused all the world's problems.
16The old "electric pickle" experiment proves two things: first, that sodium atoms (such as the ones in the pickle brine) will produce light when excited and second, that Christianity is the One True Religion
26Pale Blue Dot refuted! Also, Sagan was a plagiarist.