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January 2012[edit]

25I'm looking for a woman who I can build a life with. Who has a nice bum and is dirty in bed. Who I have a lot in common with. Who is an intellectual doormat who will do the homework that I assign her.
8Bill O'Reilly still likes The Muppets, but they'd better "watch it".
10Right-wing hate Pastor, Bryan Fischer blames Bill Clinton for oral sex related cancers.
10Oh noes!! Now they're printing Muslim friendly Bibles... for distribution in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.
6In fact, psychologists are hailing January 30 as ‘Happy Monday’. (or, as we call it, "advertising equivalent exposure" for the travel industry)
5The military conducted a training exercise in Los Angeles recently involving black helicopters. Therefore, "it appears America is preparing for war against its own citizens ... If someone can make a suggestion for another way of interpreting this, please do." We would suggest Occam's Razor.
4Watch the THRIVE trailer: where crop circles meet free energy suppression conspiracy theories and the world is controlled by alien lizards international bankers. Also featuring Deepak Chopra.
6Gasp! LAX is a transit point for the FEMA Death Camps... according to Alex Jones.
12Holy fuck.
10Fox News is too liberal and they need to bring back Glenn Beck. Oh, and it's all George Soros's fault.
14SOPA will mean the end of Naturalnews! All together now... Yaaayyyyyyy!
6Shorter Flingbooty: Arguments from authority don’t impress me, unless I'm quoting Walt Brown.
8WND trumpets yet another PRATT: Piltdown Man, ergo evolution is false. Even more stupid in the comments.
2There is a "sketchy bit of news" to the effect that the Attorney General of New York is joining a presidential committee. Clearly this is part of a plot by President Obama to neutralize his opposition.
11Pack your bags! There's another Rapture due on January 28th
8A columnist states that neither the military nor the free market ever fueled significant technological innovation. He then shatters a dozen irony meters by sending the column to its readership over the Internet, formerly known as ARPAnet.
7Waaaaahhhh! I don't want to show up at the White House because Glenn Beck tells me that Obama is leading America into fascism! Free speech!
16Democrat's cat killed, word "LIBERAL" written on its corpse. (Warning: graphic imagery included.)
15"No (sic) only is Ms. Hillary ruthless to the core and would do any bidding to put herself in the No. 2 seat, but so too would her equally felonious hubby, Bill. In this way, he could back door his way into the White House for a second run at the interns, among other “affairs of state.”". WorldNetDaily, please don't ever change.
3Newt is happy to have Chuck Norris as his "Secretary of Attack."
12Atlanta Jewish Times editor: Israel should assassinate Obama.
28Rush Limbaugh: Newt's adultery is a mark of character.
17Fox News: The recession is good for kids!
1Somebody should tell Stuart Wilde that LSD and blogging don't mix.
8Moving the goalposts has a new companion: "not far off"
5James David Manning notices that The Young Turks are talking about him...
8Truthout: If anyone told you that Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party are enemies, they were probably corporate shills. Reports that Truthout itself said this are obviously malquoted.
-2Apparently it comes as a shock to CNN that civil rights wasn't the only thing MLK cared about.
5Islam Q&A: Medical benefits of female circumcision.
-3Stephen Colbert is evil!{{poe}}
3Since Atlas Shrugged did so well in theatres, a documentary is being released about Ayn Rand's "prophecy".
12A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for ze damn French.
14Looks like we won't be seeing a "Rationalist Spring" at the Daily Mail any time soon...
-10The New York Times may have made a slight misreading of a report about the Iranian nuclear program. Therefore, they are colluding with the AIPAC to trick the U.S. into going to war on behalf of Israeli colonial ambitions.
12Lunatic fringe found on tree (3 letters)
-2There is "no qualitative difference" between nukes held by a democratic state and nukes held by a state with theocratic fundamentalist whackos in charge of it.
13WorldNetDaily: Discounting someone's testimony due to their "negative statements about transgenderism" is absurd, even when they are making accusations against a trans woman with only their word to back it up.
-9The Nation is apparently willing to make an exception to its usual opposition to coal power in Margaret Thatcher's case, blasting her for deciding that coal was an inferior energy source. Even a stopped clock is right once a day, guys.
5Prof. Henry A. Giroux is upset that the media coverage of the Penn State football scandal does not mention Penn State's receipt of military research money, despite not actually managing to make a link between the two.
-4Michael Shermer serves up a double-dose of bullshit by plugging sock puppeteer and data fabricator John Lott as well as Steven Pinker's latest exercise in PIDOOMA statistics. (But I thought this was supposed to be Skeptic Blog!)
27Operation False Flag Feminist Blogging Is A-Go!
11We are all one. Wooooo! Expand your consciousness. Wooooo!
10The Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences makes use of feng shui to predict which children will be born with autism. Well, at least they're not blaming vaccines...
22Michele Bachmann (R-Mars) is "Biblically qualified" to be President.
20If Jesus had been aborted, there would have been no art, no architecture and ... no wine!! Therefore, Oh God.