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February 2013[edit]

28UFO Chemtrails the FUCKING MOON!!!!11111111 (Warning: Lots of terrible music)
22Pat Robertson: Pray over your shopping, because demons.
14 We've had Jesus on toast, Jesus in Corn Flakes and now, Jesus in a bird turd.
24Kathleen O'Brien Wilhelm is more than a one-off.
12Wente: Die, polar bears, die!
5OMG! Obama caught red handed illegally registering voters. Of course it's no surprise, seeing as how he lost the state by 200,000 votes.
9Fox: Thank you, sweet Benedict. You will always be remembered for strengthening the Catholic Church. *ahem*
19"A study by George Barna reports that if a child has not received Jesus Christ as Saviour by the time he is 14, there is only a 4% chance that he will between the ages of 14 and 18, and a 6% chance that it will occur in the remainder of life." - yeah, funny that...
13ENV: Less than a day after David Klinghoffer cites an AiG speaker in support of the claim that Intelligent Design is not creationism,img Jonathan Wells appears to have given up the pretextimg that ID is scientific and not religious altogether.
30Muslim fundamentalist turned Christian fundamentalist, Walid Shoebat, has said that Jesus wouldn't have had any gay friends, but Muhammad would. Stephen Green of Christian Voice quotes approvingly.
15Peter Hitchens is going to prison for speaking his mind! - or not, as being an ignorant right-wing table-thumper is still legal. (Warning: Daily Mail link)
45Kathleen O'Brien Wilhelm: "Deer Crossing" signs are stupid because animals can't read, and this leads to abortion. [No, not The Onion]
12I have my entire retirement and savings invested in Bitcoin. I will track its progress here over time. I'm sure it'll all work out fine.
31Bananaman: Sweden eats horses because atheism.
7Alex Jones talking out of his fucking arse again.
15Obama explains that he works with the power that he has to void the misconception he can do whatever he wants. The right jump all over it. OBAMA WANTS 2 B DICTATOR!!!1!11!
4INTERNET TROLLS are ruining ALL OF SCIENCE for EVERYONE! Note the "science" in question. Obviously Armondikov's fault.
12Hermann Göring, not Marinus van der Lubbe, set the Reichstag fire. Nazis carried out no direct executions within German borders. You likely see where I am going with this: Obama is going the way of Hitler.
22Pat Robertson: Islam is not a religion. It's an economic system.
19The nuclear test will greatly encourage the army and people of the DPRK in their efforts to build a thriving nation with the same spirit and mettle as displayed in conquering space, and offer an important occasion in ensuring peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the region.
15Not liking a man with bad grammar is one thing but is calling someone a female the same as calling someone a nigger?
17The Question Evolution blog wants "Rationlwikians" (the only people actually reading their blog) to debate CMI's 15 questions. They expect us to say no and, for once, they're right!
27Polish fundamentalist Catholic news portal Fronda takes Pastafarianism dead seriously, calling it a cult (Google translation)
15In a Gaffney-esque move, WND reports on the latest conspiracy theory: Obama's new CIA chief is a seekrit Muslim.
23Ray Comfort's movie about John Lennon's christianity wins an award. Never mind that the closing date for submissions is at the beginning of March... Bonus: Comments include a lunatic claiming a British/Illuminati conspiracy behind the Beatles to destroy America.
4D-list technology site DailyTech reports on China's embrace of the EmDrive, and commenters completely fail to understand how science works.
-19More rapier-sharp satire from Britain's least comprehensible cartoonist.
11In order to prove men and women are not equal (original screenshot), Suzanne Venker uses a picture of ... two lesbians marrying.
22That moment when you realize that It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a parody of Fox and Friends: Germany is more successful in using solar energy because Germany gets more sunlight than the United States.
15Austrian schooler: Canada gets rid of the penny? We're turning into Zimbabwe!
18Another feathered dinosaur is found. Ken Ham and his tame "scientists" yell, "Bird! Bird! Bird!" (PZ has the takedown.)
7Antebellum slave codes once defined black people as real estate. A private prison company has filed for tax incentives used by companies with most of their assets in real estate (i.e., the prison buildings it owns and rents out for use). Therefore, the company identifies its prisoners as "real estate."
9Prof. Henry A. Giroux, advertising his new book: Violence against the Occupy movement bears a striking resemblance to violence against the Occupy movement.
3Beyonce Knowles, as a powerful woman in the entertainment industry, should not be posing for magazines in her underwear, because women only do such things if they are sluts driven by desperation.
20The three most disgusting tweets you will see all year.
51"And they have found that with women who are on the birth control pill, there are these little tiny fetuses, these little babies, that are embedded into the womb." Another dumb-ass right-winger with no idea how lady bits work.
20No, it's not a dance move, it's a secret Illuminati symbol!
36NRO: How dare Obama call the Holocaust "senseless!" Update: You got me all wrong, so now I'm going to double down.