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March 2013[edit]

12Bill-O declares the War on Christmas won. Next up: The War on Easter.
14No no, it was last week that New Atheists were afraid to criticise Islam. This week it's their defining feature. (HT Jerry Coyne.)
21The producers of "Atlas Shrugged" decide that third time's the charm.
14According to a GOP State Representative, the best way to avoid domestic violence is to drink alone.
18Sweet Jesus, they really think transgender people are deluded?
11Totally not racist.
13Paleocon hack Thomas Fleming has discovered the secret "leftist equation": "gays=blacks=women in Muslim countries=baby seals." Who knew? (Bonus: right-wing culture warriors are all closet leftists.)
12Obama's alien reptile shape-shifting security guard.
17Stephen C. Meyer's new book, Darwin's Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for Intelligent Design (to be released on the 18th of June—mark your calendars!), will be a "game-changer."
4An unusually dumb piece from BBC science editor David Shukman: Who gives a crap about eliminating species at a rate that our planet has never before seen naturally? I mean, nothing will happen to us, right?
9Margaret Wente: ladies, do yourselves a favour and get back in the kitchen.
39Pat Robertson: “Beware of these scamsters, especially scamsters in religious garb quoting the Bible.” Thank you for warning us, Pat.
16Glenn Beck asserts that in five years, at least one European nation will be run by the Nazi party. Best guesses? Either Greece or "Glennbeckistan".
26Aliens, Zombies, Black Panthers and nuns all keep abusing the vote. On top of which gay marriage would impede America (or something). Yes, it's Kathleen O'Brien Wilhelm again (x2)
-27How else better to celebrate God creating the Earth than with a logo that looks far too much like a cum-splat for comfort...Mind like a sewer, I know
20Russian fundamentalists sue to take back Alaska, to save Orthodox Christians from gay marriage. (Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
19Matt Ridley: Global warming is good for you!
31Courtesy of the far-right Catholicsphere: relatively moderate new pope is in fact a horrific traitor to Catholic values.
17The Mars Rover has found all the constituent elements for life washing machines.
9Birther Larry Klayman tells Alan Colmes that black helicopters are "firing practice rounds at Jews, white people, the wealthy and people of faith" ... according to WND in January.
17The GBLT Thule Society is a thing. That's all.
16NewsBusters: A site aimed at exposing liberal bias in the media uses Dr Benjamin Carson's recent appearance on Faux news to complain about the media "bullying" anyone who doesn't think the way they want. As one might expect, the irony is palpable.
23So, what's on sale at WND? Gas Masks. PS They're Russian.
14North Korea is going to nuke the US for ...a very particular reason. God is making them fire it because of teh gheys, just like 9/11.
23Bill O'Reilly freaks the fuck out.
16Over at World Nut Daily, Erik "the Other" Rush endorses armed revolution against the US government.
26Liberal Atheist are American Taliban because the Taliban don't like Jesus either.[1]
13Speaking of anthropology, the problem with the field is obviously that it's been overrun by Marxists, Jews, and Marxist Jews.
12Pretentious paleoconservative hack Thomas Fleming takes a break from using bad history to justify his politics and decides to mix in some bad anthropology and bad evo-psych, too.
21Floridians building an ark this time... and they've already raised over $200!
27Bananaman: Don't call me Bananaman on penalty of ban(ana)hammer.
26You're a Christian woman? How DARE you read what you want, dress how you like and leave the house!
18Focus on the Family declares war on dating.
1Yes, because singing a song called "We Saw Your Boobs" — mocking actresses playing sexual abuse victims — to 40 million people isn't the problem!
21Daily Fail: Multicultural disaster as school becomes better place to learn
20"Beyonce Admits To Demon Possession While Embracing Satanic Imagery" Sometimes these headlines just write themselves.
28Sarah Palin keeps the "millions of bullets" bullshit going. Bonus: Do the maths and Mark Lewin has upped the ante to 1.58 billion bullets for the DHS.
37In a bizarre rant, WND's Eric Rush claims that apartheid wasn't that bad, because Obama wants your guns, so white folk can be murdered. Or something.